Believe What You See

by John D. Guandolo Today, millions of Americans are coming to understand that America’s entire system is corrupted to a staggering degree. Many sense something is wrong, but find it difficult to believe that nearly all of what is happening is coordinated and activated by hostile forces seeking the destruction of the Republic. Two years […]


Islamic Influence in U.S. Schools: Terrorism Taught in Classrooms

How bad is Islam’s influence in U.S. public schools, universities and colleges? Through a massive effort by jihadi groups like the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) and their offshoots with support from many other Muslim Brotherhood organizations like Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Counter-State controls the narrative […]


Speaking Truth Boldly is the Best Response to the Islamic Threat

Propaganda is, by definition, intentionally used to manipulate and control, making it antithetical to liberty. The Islamic Movement uses its “Islamophobia” campaign as a hammer to impose the Islamic Law of Slander on the non-muslim world.  Slander is legally defined in Islam as saying anything about Islam that muslims would “dislike,” and is a capital […]

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President Trump Should Go With His Gut

By all accounts, President Trump’s gut instincts are far superior to the “knowledge” of his advisors when it comes to the Islamic threat. In deciding about Afghanistan, the President stated in his August 2017 speech:  “My original instinct was to pull out. And historically, I like following my instincts.” In the end, his generals convinced […]

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Southern Poverty Law Center Operates as a Terrorist Support Arm in the Counter-State

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that claims to “battle racial and social injustice” in America, yet SPLC’s words and actions reveal it is a terrorist support organization which actively works to accelerate the Islamic and hard-left Counter-States in their goal of overthrowing the United States government. As […]

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