No Surprise Salman Rushdie Stabbed at the Jihadi-Loving Chautauqua Institution

by John D. Guandolo Today, Salman Rushdie was stabbed while giving a speech onstage at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York. The perpetrator was arrested on scene, and Rushdie was flown to an appropriate hospital according to reports. Few details have been released about Rushdie’s condition or the identification of the perpetrator. In 1989, Iran’s […]


The Jihadi Movement is Alive and Well and Untouched in America

by John D. Guandolo While the federal government and many state governments across the United States impose Stalinist policies to smother citizens’ unalienable rights, the Islamic Movement rolls forward unimpeded. Just because jihadis are not currently blowing themselves up in U.S. malls or schools, or storming the gates of military posts (today), Americans should still […]


Understanding Why HR 5665 Confirms Victory and Liberty Are in the Hands of Patriots

by John D. Guandolo Since writing the article last week entitled, “Traitorous Democrats Unanimously Vote with IS, Al Qaeda, and MB” some questions have been asked which must be answered. A former U.S. Attorney General told me not to worry because the bill will never get through the Senate. This comment seems to miss the […]


Traitorous Democrats Unanimously Vote with IS, Al Qaeda & MB

by John D. Guandolo Last night, 219 democrats voted to advance the strategic objectives of the Global Islamic Movement – which includes Al Qaeda, IS (Islamic State), Iran, Hizbollah, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, and the entire Islamic world at the Head of State level – to impose the barbaric Islamic law called “sharia” on American citizens. […]


The Assault on Truth Continues as Twitter Suspends Accounts for UTT & John Guandolo

  Twitter suspended the Understanding the Threat (UTT) account (@UTT_USA) and the personal account of UTT Founder/President John Guandolo (@johnguandolo) in a manner that stripped both accounts of all followers and gives no recourse to reactivate the accounts. Journalist Laura Loomer also recently had her twitter account suspended indefinitely. There has been no indication any […]

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The OSCE and the International Assault on Free Speech

The war against the Islamic and Marxist Movements inside the United States is primarily a war of narratives.  As UTT continues to emphasize, the primary line of effort against a false narrative is to speak truth boldly using specifically defined language that is understood by all those on our side. At the international level, the […]

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UTT Throwback Thursday: Muslims Threaten Death for Free Speech

On January 7, 2015, two muslim brothers – Said and Cherif Kouachi – killed 12 and wounded many others in Paris in an attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo because they insulted Islam’s prophet. Around the world non-Muslims are being threatened with death and killed for “insulting” Islam’s prophet Mohammad. Why? Because Mohammad himself […]

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