The Best Weapon in This War is Truth

June 23, 2020

The Best Weapon in This War is Truth

by John D. Guandolo

The Marxist/Communist Counter-State in America, just like its Islamic Counter-State ally, uses deception as a key tool in achieving its goal to overthrow the U.S. government.

The democrat party is a major piece of the Marxist/Communist Counter-State.

Despite its lies that it cares about the “common man,” the democrat party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan, segregation, big government, poverty, and controlling the masses. Just look at the cities controlled by democrats for the last three plus decades.

“Russian collusion” was not merely a lie, it was a coordinated deception operation to remove a duly elected President from power. Legally speaking that is called “Treason.”

The Impeachment of President Trump was not based on evidence, but on lies.

Black Lives Matter is not a “civil rights” organization it is a violent communist organization formed out of the Chinese-backed Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and BLM’s three founders – Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi – are openly Marxist/communist.

Antifa is also a violent communist organization whose objective, like Black Lives Matter, is to overthrow the United States.

Manning Johnson was Communist Party USA’s (CPUSA) candidate for U.S. Representative (NY – 22nd District) in 1935, and was a leader in CPUSA. He left the communist party in late 1939, and became a government witness against CPUSA. In 1933, at the direction of COMINTERN in Moscow, CPUSA formed the American League Against War & Fascism patterned after ANTIFA formed in Germany in 1932.

Manning testified the purpose of the American League Against War & Fascism was always the subversion and overthrow of the U.S. government.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are working at the ground level and the national level with each other and with Islamic terrorists like Hamas doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Oddly enough, no republican official is speaking clearly to the American people about these truths. Why?

Whether it be gross ignorance, cowardice, or selfish reasons, republicans remain silent as communists destroy American cities in pursuit of overthrowing our government.

The solution?

As Understanding the Threat (UTT) has published and restated on numerous occasions, the three (3) principles to our Victory Strategy remain:

  1. Speak truth boldly in love about real threats to America
  2. Re-establish America’s Founding Principles at all levels of society
  3. Obey the law (citizens), and enforce the law (police)

These are the keys to victory. The most important being…SPEAK TRUTH BOLDLY!

This means at every level of our society. Speak truth boldly. In a PTA meeting, at your church, with your community leaders, with your elected officials, among your friends, and everywhere. Speak truth boldly.

If speaking truth costs you friends, they aren’t worth having as friends anyway.

We are in a war for the soul of our nation. America – the shining light on the hill. America – the beacon for all humanity. The land of liberty which gives people the freedom to succeed or fail based on their desire and efforts.

The truth is a wrecking ball. It destroys the lies of our enemies. This is one thing every American can do right now to take back our country. Speak truth boldly in love to anyone spreading lies around you.

Get in this war or fund this war. UTT is the only organization empowering citizens with tools to identiy and dismantle communist and jihadi networks at the local level. Invite us to your town to show you how to build your team of Patriots and give you effective ways to bring heat to these enemies of liberty and deny them the ability to operate in your community.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. It wasn’t the Catholics who call for revolution in America, it was not the Lutherans who called for revolution in America, it was not the Methodists who called for a revolution in America, it was not the atheist who called for revolution in America, it was not Judaism that called for revolution in America although some from each group could have participated thinking they were protesting a death but another group who did call for such action . Back in 2014…at a conference in the midwest…and they have totally tied themselves to a peaceful persona and backed it up with terror if one word should breach the peace, they have claimed “BLM is our matter” and went on to say they who facilitated revolution around the world, why can’t we start a revolution in America……? 2020 Election year they chose to start it and some turned a blind eye to the violence and terror and will hide the collusion of restricted speech and communications and action to stop the violence…..or stop the migration or stop the fibs of the complete surrender and protection to sedition. But arrest those who violated the submission to censor Islam, or sabotage whomever they thought they could and as always it starts with attacking police, dominate the narrative and causing disruption before any judicial processes began..while ignoring patterns of violence not related to police but in greater numbers that in itself goes on without protests or anyone speaking is it “killing without rights’ patterns they use? Some group think religious deception going on? The leaders have lawyers and they like to silence everyone but not all will submit nor be silent. In my opinion.

  2. […]  The Best Weapon in This War is Truth June 23, 2020 by John D. Guandolo Black Lives Matter is not a “civil rights” organization it is a violent communist organization formed out of the Chinese-backed Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and BLM’s three founders – Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi – are openly Marxist/communist. Antifa is also a violent communist organization whose objective, like Black Lives Matter, is to overthrow the United States. […]

  3. Antifa and BLM have destroyed many cities and destroyed many statues. They are clearly domestic terrorists and it is up to all the Federal law enforcement agencies to arrest them and put them in jail .It’s obvious that we do not have the manpower to arrest all of them so arrest the leaders first.Shut down their website access like the left is doing to conservatives.

  4. @UTT_USA
    Account suspended
    Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules

  5. There are no gods.. !

    Keep Lies of gods away from children.. !

    Forcing religious beliefs onto children is a form of child abuse,
    which scars their ability to reason
    and also limits their ability to consider the world in an unbiased manner.

    ”…exposure to religious ideas has a powerful impact on children’s differentiation between reality and fiction, .”””

    • brian doyle. I read the article…..what has happened in my opinion is that the socialism has been abused and government programs to provide money from the the working employed group supplemented aid for power to themselves,by extending special benefits and secure votes, while ever extending the benefits of foreign visitors who found housing and jobs and training.This worked so well many becamea entrenched permanent in government and became powerful and wealthy. The foreign interests became large in number and it allowed influence over programs and priviledges to new comers not much enthusiasm to aid many from the impoverished poor majority. Programs grew with all available taxes, power comes to the supplier. Some say socialism is different from destroy the culture communism, with riots, demands and terror. but it is an evolving system of central control and can come with loss of freedom, or a government that could remove protections and justice and safety from expectation and even as we see now loss of freedom of speech at the peril of arrest or worst. The money to infuence also comes from abroad as they control media, place people in with growing needs and narratives, so riots are freedom of speech and freedom of speech is controlled by Islamic law or terror. Providing funds, food cards, free phones, free medical is always what communism offers and if you look abroad they have free health care but you wait in line and much , much worse. Power to one group gives minimal care unless freedom exists. The day will come when neither party will be able to exist.

  6. No one talks about ‘communism’ –
    Everyone knows it is a failure (as it should be ) —
    The ‘uneducated’ are telling you that all democratic-socialism is exactly the same as COMMUNISM!

    The ‘uneducated’ have yet to reply to this article, ( for months ), and refuse to…

    Tick off the programs to delete:

    so far – in many, MANY, months only one reader has even bothered to read this article and he was ignorant enough to try to say that these programs are not ‘socialist’!

  7. Besides providing constant information, I’ve yet to see real solutions.


    HESITATION is not only a psychological abberation which induces one to pause in the course of making decisions or taking action in accord with oaths to protect other people, but its also what altitude above you and runway behind you are to landing an airplane, i.e., an unmitigated disaster. And although the essence of urban law-enforcement as it pertains to uniformed responders is the ability to make quick decisions and stick with the premise that while curiosity keeps you busy, its instinct that keeps you alive, it would appear that the 3rd principle of UTT’s victory strategy has taken an irreparable hit at the hands of ANTIFA and CAIR by virtue of an astonishing decision by the Department of Justice to publish a nationally applicable list of methods said Field-Ops police officers will henceforth be unable to use in order to overcome violence. The United States Government has thus not only joined the chorus of political lunatics seeking to execute police officers, but has imbued an entire nationwide segment of civil law-enforcement with the single most destructive handicap contextually imaginable, i.e. a perpetual on-duty state of HESITATION, the effect of which is not only irrevocable, but could result in an open season on law-enforcement personnel nationwide. Actually what tthe country desperately needs to deal with these rampaging criminals is a contingent of 20-year-old middle weights (light heavy and heavy weights hit harder but they’re slower) who could mingle among the so-called “protestors” and have fun cleaning house.


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