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Nashville School Shooting Reveals True Evil of the Participants in U.S. Communist Movement

by John D. Guandolo When UTT teaches that for the U.S. communist Movement “The Issue is Never the Issue” we mean it. See relevant articles here and here. Communists and their “useful idiots” in America do not care about climate change, systemic racism, police brutality, economic inequality, or any of the other made up causes […]

Key to Liberating America is Defeating Our Enemies Not “Fixing” Issues & Policies

John D. Guandolo Over the last 6 years, Americans have and are, with increasing vigor, working to undo tyrannical policies being put in place by those who oppose liberty and America’s Constitutional Republic. The evidence is overwhelming there exists in the United States a coordinated long-term effort by domestic and foreign adversaries to destroy America’s […]

UTT Delivers a Powerful Punch to Hamas In Texas

by John D. Guandolo Over the last few weeks, UTT Team Members and volunteers spoke truth boldly at the Texas State Capitol to educate and train legislators and their staffs about the threat from jihadis (suit-wearing terrorists) promoting “Muslim Capitol Day” and legislation meant to put Texans in danger. This year, “Muslim Capitol Day” was […]

January 6th Revelations Too Little Too Late

by John D. Guandolo The recent security videos from inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 reveal the U.S. Capitol Police gave assistance to one of the “leaders” of the great “insurrection” contrary to the false narratives pushed heavily by traditional media outlets, as well as democrat and republican leaders. However, the truth about […]

Chinese Covid Virus Revelations Once Again Expose Treason, Sedition, and Massive Subversion of U.S. Government

by John D. Guandolo “The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden.” Qiao Liang, co-author of China’s “Unrestricted Warfare“ On March 26, 2020, Understanding the Threat (UTT) published an article asking the question, “Is Coronavirus a Chinese Biological Attack?” The evidence in the article points towards the answer, […]

The Present Tyranny & Quiet Citizenry

by John D. Guandolo Today, America is overrun with tyranny and corruption, yet the average American seems more interested in rearranging the chairs on the deck of this sinking ship than doing all that is possible to stop the leaks and right the ship. Daily we read stories about the FBI targeting Christians and Patriots […]

The Chinese Balloon & The Republican Bubble

by John D. Guandolo A communist Chinese Intelligence platform carried by a high altitude balloon moved unimpeded across America over a period of several days last week. The U.S. military shot it down over the Atlantic Ocean after its mission was complete. This raises questions about how the U.S. federal government makes decisions about national […]

Military Leaders Predict War with China in Next 2-4 Years

by John D. Guandolo General Mike Minihan, the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Commander, recently told officers in his command to prepare for war with China by 2025. The internal memo’s veracity was confirmed by an Air Mobility Command’s spokesman. A few months ago, the Assistant Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps told a military […]

Why Can’t Republican Leaders See Terrorists Like Ilhan Omar Standing in Front of Them?

by John D. Guandolo The simplest and most basic assessment of Ilhan Omar reveals she is a jihadi, working with terrorist groups and other adversaries of the United States against her oath and America’s national security. Let us put aside for a moment there is significant evidence Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud after marrying her […]

HAMAS Terrorists To Celebrate “Muslim Day” At Texas Capitol Next Week

by John D. Guandolo Evidence in the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history – US v Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, Northern District of Texas (Dallas), 2008 – reveals CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) was the 4th Hamas organization created in the United States. The other 3 were shut down/prosecuted by […]