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No Surprise Salman Rushdie Stabbed at the Jihadi-Loving Chautauqua Institution

by John D. Guandolo Today, Salman Rushdie was stabbed while giving a speech onstage at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York. The perpetrator was arrested on scene, and Rushdie was flown to an appropriate hospital according to reports. Few details have been released about Rushdie’s condition or the identification of the perpetrator. In 1989, Iran’s […]

UTT Response to AG Garland’s Press Conference

by John D. Guandolo August 11, 2022 Today, the Attorney General of the United States Merrick Garland gave a press conference to discuss the FBI raid on President Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Preliminary Comments This speech should be put into context before commenting on it. Here are a few details readers are encouraged to […]

Stalinist Federal Government Tactics Should Not Shock Us

by John D. Guandolo This week the FBI raided the Mar a Lago home of President Donald Trump and many Americas are “shocked.” Why? This is the same federal government that: *Put America in debt to the tune of over $30 TRILLION dollars *Lets over 100,000 illegals into America each month while paying them and […]

Ayman al Zawahiri is Dead. Why Should We Care?

by John D. Guandolo According to official U.S. government reports, the leader of Al Qaeda – Ayman al Zawahiri – is dead. The U.S. Department of State issued a report which says, in part: “The President made clear that we would not hesitate to protect the Homeland. With the operation that delivered justice to Ayman […]

How Do You Destroy the FBI? Make a Commie the Director

by John D. Guandolo In light of the new revelations about James Comey misleading Congress – read: “Lying to” – UTT believes it is a good point in time to discuss how, under Mr. Comey’s leadership, the FBI went from being a well-respected and premier government agency, to a tool for tyranny against American Patriots. […]

Is Sam Brownback the Point Man for America’s Enemies?

by John D. Guandolo If someone publicly proclaims their friendship and fidelity to a hostile foreign nation, a leading hostile international organization, and regurgitates hostile enemy propaganda narratives, and if that person is leading these efforts, is it fair to ask if that individual is the “Point Man” for the enemies of America? That someone […]

UTT Speaks Truth In Oregon Despite Antifa’s Best Efforts

by John D. Guandolo Last week, UTT President John Guandolo was asked to fill in for former ICE Director Tom Homan for multiple speaking engagements in Oregon through Friday and Saturday, July 15th and 16th. These events were a part of the TAKE ACTION TOUR which includes Christie Hutcherson (WFFA), Mark Finchem, Arizona legislator and […]

UTT Educates, Trains & Consults with A Wide Variety of People

by John D. Guandolo While Understanding the Threat (UTT) is well known for training communities to identify and dismantle hostile networks at the local level while re-establishing a republican form of government in their county, UTT does much more than just that. Here are some of the groups UTT educates, trains, and consults with: Military/National […]

Contrary to Public Statements by Government Officials Violence & Threats of Violence Primarily Come From Democrats

by John D. Guandolo The people openly calling for the harassment and killing of Supreme Court Justices are politically LEFT wing, communists, and socialists – democrats. The mass shootings in America perpetrated by non-jihadis are primarily done by politically LEFT wing, communists, and socialists – democrats. Yet, despite all of the evidence and facts on […]

Establishment Republicans Continue Their Partnership with Communists to Destroy America

by John D. Guandolo This week’s primary elections in Oklahoma prove what UTT has been saying for several years. This war to re-establish America’s Constitutional Republic will not be won at the ballot box. Citizens must take back their local communities by flushing enemies of liberty out and re-establishing a republican form of government at […]