May 23, 2013

The British Reap What They Sow – and So Will America

Soldier Beheaded

For years, the British government has knelt down and allowed the influx of Islamic immigration to flood the tiny Island nation.  The Brits continue to pay out welfare monies to Muslim men with multiple wives, they allow the over 80 Shari’ah courts to operate with impunity, and the law enforcement, military, and elected government exclusively uses Muslim Brotherhood organizations and jihadis to provide “guidance” as to how the Brits should deal with the Muslim community, conduct counter-terrorism operations, and approach the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even after the 7/7 bombings, the British government continued to assign Muslim Brothers/Jihadis to police units and government entities for outreach and in advisory roles to “help” the UK’s leaders “understand” the Muslim community.


Today, yet another price was paid for this insanity as two Muslims fulfilled their requirement of jihad by driving over a man identified as a British soldier and then cutting his head off with a meat cleaver.  Afterwards, the jihadi faced a camera and calmly explained his actions – which just happen to be in accordance with Shari’ah (Islamic Law).  (It should be noted that numerous examples of vehicular jihad have occured in the United States as well, but none of them have been so labeled by the FBI).

Several years ago, I was present at a multiple-day program in the UK where law enforcement, military, and other representatives of British security professionals were present.  Of the speakers who gave presentations, nearly every one of them were jihadis.

Leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), as well as the Quilliam Foundation were all represented.  I probably should not have been so shocked since known Al Qaeda leaders live in the UK and the government allows that as well.

Of the many comments these Islamic leaders made, they all agreed that Islam and the Shari’ah are inseparable.  Specifically, here are some telling quotes from the conference from these Muslim leaders:  “Islam is the final arbiter in all matter…warfare to establish the religion of Islam is obligatory…you cannot have a ‘watered-down’ Islam…there is no Islam outside of Islamic Law…Muslims cannot exist without Islamic law…the UK is great for us because it is multicultural…the Koran and Islam do not want assimilation.”

And my favorite:  “We are not here to assimilate.  We are here to coexist until Shari’ah becomes the law of the land in Britain.”  When this was spoken, it was as if he said, “I like my brown shoes.”  No one in the room seemed to flinch.  It was shocking and appauling.  It was then that I knew that the UK is lost.

In our lifetime we will witness the disintegration of the United Kingdom, once a great and powerful empire, and the creation of an Islamic state in its place.  With the complicity of the British government, and the passivity of its people, there appears to be no will to defeat the Muslim tide currently rolling through Great Britain.

America – pay close attention.  This nonsense is already here in America, but we are at least a decade behind the Brits.  If we want to defend our Constitutional Republic, the defense must start now.  To wait any longer is to invite defeat.

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  1. Really glad to come across this blog. The leaders of America are sacrificing American people to the “peaceful” Muslims.

  2. Frank Livingston May 23, 2013 at 10:24 am Reply

    Our politicians continue to ignore the Muslim Brotherhood and what it means. This is both political parties and it goes back years now.

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