The Coming Calipate

June 5, 2018

The Coming Calipate

The Organisation (sic) of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is the largest voting block in the United Nations and is comprised of every Islamic nation on earth – 57 states.

The OIC’s Charter states one of its goals is to “promote human rights.”  What does the OIC mean by “human rights?”

We need to look no further than the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, approved by the OIC in 1990 in an Extraordinary Session of Kings and Heads of State of every Islamic nation on earth, and submitted to the United Nations in 1993 as an official document from the entire muslim world at the leadership level.

Article 2 of the Cairo Declaration states:  “…it is prohibited to take away life except for a Shari’ah prescribed reason…it is the duty of the state to safeguard (life) and it is prohibited to breach it without a Shari’ah-prescribed reason.”

Article 19 of the Cairo Declaration states:  “There shall be no crime or punishment except as provided for in the Shari’ah.”

The last two articles in the Cairo Declaration read:  “All rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari’ah (Article 24)…The Islamic Shari’ah is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification of any of the articles of this Declaration (Article 25).”

This means the official legal definition of “human rights” for the entire Islamic world is “the imposition of Sharia.”

Therefore, the entire Islamic world at the Head of State and King level defines “human rights” as:  killing homosexuals; killing those who leave Islam; forcing non-muslims to convert to Islam or submit to Islam/sharia and pay the non-muslim poll tax (jizya) or be killed; allowing sex slaves to be taken by muslims; and everything else that comes with sharia.

The Islamophobia campaign is married to the Islamic Law of Slander.  Islamophobia was created by the Muslim Brotherhood’s International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) to silence all honest discussion of Islam in the West.

In sharia, “Slander” is defined as saying anything about Islam a muslim would “dislike” and it is a capital crime.

In the OIC’s 10-year plan (2005-2010) it states:

“Call upon the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers to consider the possibility of establishing an independent and permanent body to promote human rights in Member states, in accordance with the provisions of the Cairo Declaration.”

It goes on to say:

“Affirm the need to counter Islamophobia through the establishment of an observatory at the OIC General Secretariat to monitor all forms of Islamophobia…Endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments.”

So, the OIC wants to criminalize all offensive speech against Islam.

The entire leadership of the Islamic world is pursuing a line of operation that stands in direct conflict with U.S. founding principles and law.

The purpose of the Islamophobia campaign is to keep U.S. leaders from discussing sharia and its direct support for actions which are unlawful under U.S. law and to put police and investigators at the state and federal level on their heels when it comes to Islam.

One could argue this campaign has been wildly successful.

The overall objective of the OIC and its member nations is to establish an Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic Law) – which also happens to be the same objective as Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every other main line Islamic organization on the planet.

Currently, Turkey is leading the effort to establish the caliphate under the banner of the OIC which, as some have said, is operating as the pseudo-caliphate.


Turkey’s Erdogan is positioning himself to be the Caliph with Turkey as the seat of the caliphate as it was when the last caliphate was dissolved in the 1920’s.

Why is it important for Americans to know all this?

The Global Islamic Movement is readying itself at all levels to re-establish the caliphate and, through the Islamophobia campaign, keeping the United States strategically heeled while they do it.

When the Islamic Movement establishes the caliphate, Europe will be it the crosshairs of the Caliph to be conquered and the United States will be the platform through which that goal is achieved.

The way to turn this around is to understand the threat at the local and state level so the Islamic/jihadi network inside the United States can be dismantled and defeated.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Trump is currently undercutting Erdogan. I greatly admire & respect Mr Guandolo!

  2. The leaders of non Islamic countries are afraid of the sporatic disruptions and violent jihad sometimes that has struck terror into their hearts and as they act out, as if they have “not”been treated fairly. The premise was the disruptions and protests were due to racism and hate speech and all would fade away if they just stayed quiet while they spent the countries money on housing, medical services, food, education, and welfare for the sharia driven refugee’s. At the same time the professional element in suits and with degrees settled into positions of the structure of the target country to gain influence and continue with the denial that sharia jihad is violent. It is a rude awakening that they were sold a peaceful, beautiful Islam instead of one based on sharia law and may have never read but were given publications meant for the U.K. leaders that omitted the obligatory nature of Islam, the violent nature of jihad, the laws to deny the use of terror in order to gain control and deceive. The freedoms were given to express the contempt in arabic and behind closed doors. They never listened to the chants of those screaming for sharia and never saw it as incompatible with peaceful coexistence. In the U.K. and around the world events show the reality, the hospitality did nothing but keep the lid on while a million more poured in and the unimaginable goal for conquest, toward the host is a result of a doctrine and not poverty, as they show up to work for a common goal, sharia and the submission of the host and to suppress any attempt by the patriots to speak openly about the nature of the doctrine and the needed protection.

  3. Personally, I don’t think the Islamic state of shit has a leg to stand on when it comes trying to take over or enforce any of their sharhea-shit here in the US. I do not see it happening today or anytime soon, people here are getting pretty restless with all the crap we have going on as it is, the people are seeing & hearing so much of the lies that the obuma told to the American people especially with that Iran deal, and then we are hearing about England/Briton, how they have sold their people down the road for all those muslim pedophile moochers and locked up Tommy Robinson for trying to bring it to light as well as all the cover-ups by their government or parlament/prime minister. So much has been brought out in the open with all the corruption, lying, etc. here in this country people are paying more attention.

  4. Keep them clean, oiled, and loaded folks……


    The 4th & last Caliphate to exist was the Ottoman Empire (I.e., Turkey), which by virtue of conquering non-Arabic Egypt in the 16th century took control of Medina & Mecca to (thus) become the global de-facto leader
    of Islam. It wasn’t until the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War-1 led to the election in 1924 of Turkey’s first President, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, that the hegemonic ambitions of Islam were stopped in their tracks when as an element of his modernization reforms, Ataturk abolished the institution of the Caliphate completely.

    Not withstanding said “modernization” however, make no mistake, the current President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan e.g. makes no secret of “his” aspiration to establish & become leader of a 5th Caliphate. And in addition to publically saying so a number of times, has also forcibly asserted — as UTT has repeatedly warned — that “Islam is Islam” and there is not now nor will there ever be a gentler & kinder version of the Sharia-adherent tactics jihadists are mandated by the Koran to employ in a relentless quest to convert, enslave or kill every non-Muslim on the face of the earth who refuses to adhere to the draconian hell known as “Sharia”.

    Too, given the current U.S. Attorney General’s perplexing reluctance to recover control of the Department of Justice with respect to the ongoing anarchical crusade being pursued in his own building by Robert Mueller III and Rob Rosenstein, unless he comes forthwith to his senses senses and orders the issuance of cease & desist documents for said duo of frauds, and an appropriately constructed search warrant designed to enable federal marshals to seize the so-called I.G. report for immediate transmittal to the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court for whatever ensuing security & analytical procedures he deems appropriate to ward off a Constitutional crisis, it appears that said cataclysmic event is going to actually happen.

    Parenthetically, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) 57-member voting block should be made aware that: a) since the United States is a member of the U.N. security counsel their composite vote to deny to the American people their tight to free-speech isn’t worth the papyrus its written on, and b) “The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook” (6th edition), by Edmund J. Bourne PhD. lists all 591 phobias in the English language, none of which remotely relate to the non-word contrivance known as “Islamophobia”, which anyone not rowing with only one oar obviously knows represents an attempt to intimidate non-Muslims worldwide.

  6. UC, we are a Constitutional Republic not a Democracy!

  7. The ignorant and naive post-Christian West are screwed. ……easy pickings for the sly and clever servants of Allah.

    The West are throwing it all away.

  8. John,
    How can any honest person deny these facts when all the leaders of every muslim country in the world has signed on to what amounts to global genocide? Of course it requires them to be honest so given that all our leaders are clearly dishonest, what can the People realistically do to FORCE the traitors in our governments to accept AND acknowledge the FACT that ALL muslims are intent and committed to establishing a global caliphate whose goals include the subjugation of ALL countries to the rule of sharia. Those who refuse may be put to death for refusing to submit according to islam.

    This is a war for the very existence of every non-muslim country in the world, the fact of which should galvanize those same nations into one cohesive force to eradicate islam once and for all, for islam has not changed one bit over its 1400 year history, nor does it show any signs of significant change now.

    What possible good can the traitors in our Western government possibly hope to gain by seeing the establishment of a global caliphate when that caliphate will subjugate them along with the rest of the world? What am I missing???

    • There are many reasons why some people are not digesting this information. For some it is psychologically too difficult to comprehend. For others, they have lost the ability to discern and think reasonably and rationally. Some don’t want to know. Some know and pretend it is not there.

  9. Wait, that happened in 2010? I just noticed… this agreement or collusion from 2010 is the reason we have a Islamic Republic of Iraq and Afghanistan and our media is silent….? So that agreement should be null and void…no wonder why President Trump has been pushed back so hard….he was unknowingly operating under a agreement made prior, a resolution to work towards a caliphate that was slipped in by the OIC, as the “fundamental change Obama “stepped into office….and made a quick trip to the MB( the professional suited scholars of terror) in Egypt for his crowing achievement. Now it all makes sense. London’s fall 2016. But President Trump arrival messed up the plans.

  10. John, This is really frightening. Is this a conference or a declaration of a coming attack? Is this scheduled at the same time President Trump is suppose to fly to meet with the leaders of NK.? I am curious how a conference for the coming Caliphate( Islam land grab) is not a national security issue of extreme concern with with Pompeo and Bolton as I hope they are preparing to stop this event from transpiring. This Chicago connection does not surprise me at all, since it was the launching pad for former Obama’s presidential campaign at the home of a home town radical. So they are declaring sharia law within the legal land of a Constitutional U.S. what gives them the right ….are they declaring their war and using our democracy that is asleep to hold a conference….how bold and cocky in in my mind should be declared illegal and meet at the door by the Marines. I think if President Trump does not stop this it will be a ending and declared an national emergency. In my opinion.

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