May 21, 2013

The Turkish Invasion

Just as the American government embraced Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood as the “resistance” against Muammar Qaddafi, and now as we continue to support all of the jihadi organizations including Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s “opposition” fighting against the Syrian regime, so we also continue to bow to our Turkish enemy – both the Turkish government itself and the foundational underpinnings of the transformation that has taken place there propelled by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

One would think small town American mayors, town councils, and state legislators would raise a collective eyebrow to jihadi incursion in their towns, but quite the contrary is occurring.  While local leaders rush to embrace Turkish Muslim community leaders in the name of “open-mindedness,” these American mayors, civic leaders, and state legislators are demonstrating their closed and vacant minds to facts, and a threat that is staring them right down their noses.

Across the United States, a massive and well-funded effort led by the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood continues to steam roll American towns and states in the form of:  all-paid junkets for state legislators to Turkey to demonstrate what a great and progressive nations it is (despite its nearly complete return to a totalitarian Islamic state); Turkish Islamic Centers being built at light speed across the U.S. to be “fronts for Brotherhood work” as the MB’s strategic documents (“Implementation Manual”) clarify; Gulen schools being erected in small town America under the facade of being a regular old school with a slight Islamic tint to it – when in actuality it is a Muslim Brotherhood entity with a clearly stated goal if one would only listen to what its founder says; and a host of Turkish non-profits with sweet sounding names like the Holy Dove Foundation, the Turquoise Foundation, and so many others.  All 50 states are targets.

A noteworthy bright spot are the courageous states where citizens are fighting against the establishment of Gulen schools and other incursions to their safety and our Constitutional principles.


As this article is being written, Legislators in Virginia, Tennessee, Kansas, and elsewhere around the nation are either on a trip to Turkey, on their way, or have just recently returned.

In Maryland, the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood is building the largest mosque in the state in the town of Lanham, and the local elected officials are giddy about it.  On Wednesday May 15th, the Prime Minister of Turkey arrived to place a ceremonial stone at the 15-acre site of what will be the Turkish Cultural and Civilization Center (TCCC).  At the cost of $100 million, I bet it is the “Civilization” center – Civilization Jihad.


Ignorance is no longer an excuse in an era of jihad against this nation that continues to increasingly touch the streets of America every day.  American citizens must hold all elected officials accountable at all levels.  Standing against the Turkish MB’s efforts in your city would be a good start.

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