April 25, 2014

Tony Blair – Still Clueless About Islam

blair1Perhaps the fact that Tony Blair’s sister-in-law converted to Islam keeps him in a state of mental confusion and unable to digest and understand the factual and doctrinal truth about the nature of Islam.

In his keynote speech at Bloomberg Headquarters in London on Wednesday, the former British Prime Minister reaffirmed his consistent theme about the nature of the threat the West is facing from Islam by denouncing it as contrary to “true” Islam.

In the speech titled, “Why the Middle East Matters,” Mr. Blair said, “At the root of the crisis lies a radicalized and politicized view of Islam.  An ideology that distorts and warps Islam’s true message.”

One must ask which “version” of Islam Mr. Blair is referring to.

When Al Qaeda quotes Islamic Law, they always accurately site Islamic Law.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s doctrine and teachings across the globe – and in their own By-Laws – is completely in line with the Sharia.  Jihadis across the globe state they do what they do to re-establish the Caliphate and impose Sharia on the world – exactly the requirements of Islamic Law.  All of the jihadis around the world make the same proclamation.

Unfortunately, this is also what is taught and proclaimed from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt – the oldest and most pre-eminent school of Islamic Jurisprudence in the world.  It is also the same messages from all of the Grand Muftis across the globe.  As a matter of fact, it is also what is taught to Muslim children beginning in the first grade in Islamic schools in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, France, Canada, Spain, Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom and everywhere else.

It appears Mr. Blair understands Islam better than the entire Islamic world.  What Islamic Law has Mr. Blair read?

All Islamic sources define Islam as a “complete way of life” governed by Islamic Law (Sharia).  100% of all authoritative Islamic Law mandates jihad until the world is united by one Islamic State (Caliphate) under which Sharia is the law of the land.  100% of all Islamic Law ONLY defines “Jihad” as “warfare against non-Muslims.”

What is this mystical “version” of Islam that Mr. Blair is describing?

While he was Prime Minister, Mr. Blair gave a speech in which he said, “It angers me as it angers the vast majority of Muslims to hear bin Laden and his associates described as Islamic terrorists.  They are terrorists pure and simple.  Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion, and the acts of these people are wholly contrary to the teachings of the Quran.”

It angers me that a leader of one of Europe’s leading nations is so utterly clueless about a threat that will, in the near future, overrun the UK while people of his ilk continue to serve the enemy’s purpose by separating the growing jihadi fighters from Islam.

This is the reason the UK is unlikely to turn the tide.  The government and intelligence services in Britain continue to refuse to face the real and present danger to their very existence.

All they have to do is open one book of Islamic Law and the game is over.

When the UK falls, the people of the West will have to look themselves in the mirror and ask why they tolerated such incompetence for so long.  But then it will be too late.

Next to Mr. Blair, Mr. Chamberlain looks like a lion.

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