May 28, 2013

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Clueless About the Threat of Islam

Immediately following last week’s murder of British Soldier Lee Rigby by two Muslim Jihadis in the streets of Woolwich, England, just outside of London, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom demonstrated his utter ignorance of the threat his nation is facing.


Immediately following the attack, Cameron made a public statement saying,  “There are strong indications it is a terrorist incident.”  Mr. Cameron is so divorced from reality or so fearful of speaking the truth that he could not even bring himself to positively state the Muslim speaking into a camera with blood soaked hands detailing why he just hacked the head off a British soldier is a Jihadi (or “terrorist” if you prefer).

In February of 2011, there were glimmers of hope when Mr. Cameron spoke at a security conference in Munich and explained Europe’s policy of multiculturalism was an utter failure.  While he gave examples of real dangers and problems in the British Muslim community which stand against British and Western principles, he was unable to articulate the problem in real terms.  He stated:  “This hands-off tolerance has only served to reinforce the sense that not enough is shared.  And this all leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless, and a search for something to belong to and something to believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology…In our communities, groups and organizations led by young, dynamic leaders promote separatism  by encouraging Muslims to define themselves solely in terms of their religion.”

They are not searching for an identity, they have found it in Islam.  The Shari’ah is not an “extremist ideology” it is their way of life.

At the end of last week, speaking to the press, Mr. Cameron more clearly detailed his gross misunderstanding of the threat when he said, “It (Woolwich killing) was also a betrayal of Islam – and of the Muslim communities who are give so much to our country…There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”  As a matter of fact, Mr. Cameron is dead wrong.

Acts like the killing of a British soldier is specifically called for in the Shari’ah (Islamic Law).  Mr. Cameron could just ask the Muslim men who advise his government from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim Association of Britain to show him Islamic Law that does not call for Jihad and does not define Jihad as “warfare against non-Muslims.”   They will not be able to produce it because it does not exist.

Shari’ah (Islamic Law) comes from the Koran and the teachings/sayings of the Prophet Mohammad.  The Koran make jihad an obligation until the entire world is under the rule of the Shari’ah.  The Prophet Mohammad waged war, beheaded people, and called for perpetual jihad until Islam rules the world.  All of Islamic doctrine teaches that Islam is a complete way of life that must govern all affairs of Muslims.  Period.

I encourage Mr. Cameron to actually read some of the books sold in the Islamic Centers around London written for the Muslim community – not the ones written for him to read.  He will find the message is crystal clear.

Now the British government and British media are focusing on the “backlash” directed at the Muslim community by the English Defence League and others.  Mr. Cameron’s government better focus on defending the British people or he will not have a Britain as we know it to defend.



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  1. The British seem intent on sleeping through their own conquest.

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