U.S. Generals Refuse to Identify Islam as the Threat = Another Dead Soldier

September 6, 2018

U.S. Generals Refuse to Identify Islam as the Threat = Another Dead Soldier

It is September 2018 and nowhere in the U.S. military – not at any boot camp, nor officer training, nor war college, nor service academy, nor at any other training inside the U.S. military – are our warriors being taught Islam is the threat and sharia is the enemy’s warfighting doctrine.

U.S. warfighting doctrine requires military professionals to begin any analysis of a threat with WHO the enemy says they are and WHY they say they are fighting.  Since 9/11/01, the United States government has failed to do this.

Yet, 100% of the enemy we face – to include Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Hamas, Hizbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, all Islamic nations who are a party to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and all of the jihadis who have been killed or captured on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as on the streets of Europe and America – say they are “muslims waging jihad to establish an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic law).”

Islamic schools in the United States teach the same Islamic doctrine Al Qaeda and the Islamic State teach.  UTT challenges any military general to demonstrate where Al Qaeda or the Islamic State has misquoted Islamic law in furtherance of their actions.

As a matter of fact, several years ago at an event in Washington, D.C. UTT’s President John Guandolo was able to make this point to a 4-star general who agreed that knowing sharia “completely changes the nature of how we are fighting this war.”

Yet, no major strategic change took place anywhere in the military.

Our generals are too busy apologizing for our military (General John Allen), or condemning a U.S. citizen for burning a book (General David Petraeus).  If they spent more time teaching their troops what sharia is and what it says about warfighting – ie doing their jobs – we would have brought more troops home alive from Iraq and Afghanistan, and killed more of the enemy.

This happens to be the most frequent comment UTT receives from members of the military after participating in our 3-day training program.  They are furious when they realize that knowing sharia BEFORE they deployed would actually have saved lives and changed the way U.S. forces could have tactically fought battles.

On Labor Day 2018, America lost another good man.  Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard was killed by an Afghan police officer.  A recipient of six (6) bronze star medals and a West Virginia native, Bolyard’s men praised him and were grateful for his leadership.

U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Timothy Bolyard

But Sergeant Major Bolyard, like thousands of other American fighting men, are no longer with us because America’s military leaders have failed to speak the truth about the nature of the war in which we have been engaged for nearly 17 years now.

The muslim Afghan police officer who killed Sergeant Major Bolyard acted lawfully under sharia.  Do our generals know this?  Should they know this?

Do our generals know that many of their muslim “advisors” adhere to sharia which obliges them to lie to non-muslims?  Should our generals know this?

Do criminal negligence laws pertain to generals who fail to know basic information about the enemy – which they are legally bound to know – which then leads to the deaths of American troops?

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. I agree with you. What I don’t understand is how we EVER came to accept Islam as a religion to begin with. It does not even meet the qualifications of a religion according to our own dictionaries – Western dictionaries. So how did this happen to begin with?
    My best guess is that we’ve got nefarious people in our Govt who’ve been there for a long time. They’ve also managed to put their friends in high places as well, including the military.
    Think about this. We’ve got a Gov’t that is openly hostile to its own citizenry. Not just parts of it, all of it. Our ports are being handed over to foreign agents – The Muslim Brotherhood AND the Chinese. The Edu dept is used to subvert our children. By the time they’re done with public education they hate us and America. This isn’t accidental.
    The heads of ALL major TV networks are obviously seditious (the owners). Everything they put out is anti Christian, anti White, anti American. Now we must think about WHO’S stopping them ALL from being arrested?
    I maintain that this Coup people keep talking about against Trump is garbage but what’s NOT garbage is the coup d’etat that’s ALREADY taken place and was 100% successful. The US government IS 100% FULLY under enemy control. Not a shot was fired and not one person even noticed – it was brilliant. And it’s deadly. The ONLY people who know somethings amiss are those of us who remember BEFORE it happened.
    WE are the only ones who can fight for our Constitution. If we do not, America will exist in name only.

    Personally I think it happened on 9/11
    The towers weren’t the target they were a distraction. Our entire defense system was neutralized that day. They just walked in, and took over. Recall the Naval command center was hit? Do some research.

  2. Second partial reason:

    We (our government and media) continue to consider Islam to be a legitimate “religion.” Based on that categorization they give Islam all the benefits of doubt and respect our culture feels obligated to give to religion, not to mention our first amendment protections.

    Islam is not a legitimate religion. It is a seditious ideology based on the writings and actions of its founder, Muhammad, Islamic ideology, and the pronouncements and actions of its leaders through history up to this day. Political Islam is Islam “Radical Islam” is Islam. There is no “moderate” Islam. Every aspect of Islam is for its political ideological purposes: Conquest of other religions, cultures and governments.

    Once we acknowledge the realities of Islam as more “seditious ideology” than “religion”, we will begin to finally successfully defend ourselves from that plague. Until then, we will continue to waste our nation’s resources and humanity in vain.

  3. Here is “part” of the reason, and my response:

    Michael Jacobs • 2 hours ago
    Islam got its start the way many if not all religions got their start — at a crisis point in its home culture, with a charismatic leader gathering followers and providing an inspirational message of victory. Christianity started the same way — and for that matter so did Judaism. And though Judaism never had dreams of conquering the world, Christianity did. Both the followers of Jesus and the followers of Mohammed are “superssessionist” (they claim their religion supersedes earlier versions) and “triumphalist” (they claim their religion is destined to one day rule the world, either by converting everyone or by forcing their submission). In the last 400 years or so Xianity got over most of the violent parts of that philosophy, but the triumphalist philosophy still exists — that’s why they have missionaries. The goal ought to be to get Islam to reform from within to give up the idea of conquest by force, as well, and pursue their triumphalist goals only by setting a good example others will want to follow. It’s NOT HELPING when non-Muslims condemn the whole religion and Muslims get their hackles up and become MORE violent, not less. You folks are poking the tiger. Yes, that doesn’t excuse jihadi violence. But it does help explain it. Cut it out. And at the same time, keep up the good work in condemning jihadism. Religious motivation does not give them (or anyone else) a FREE PASS at criminal behavior, either. Can’t we all start acting civilized and tolerant? WE should be setting a good example.

    My Reply…

    gfmucci . Michael Jacobs • an hour ago
    Where to start. First, to the point of Islam. From its beginning and throughout its history, Islam was aggressive against its neighbors. It’s orthodox doctrine demands it. Appeasement and playing nice with Islam has NO positive effect. No, we are not “poking at the tiger.” The tiger, from birth has it in its genetic makeup to consume us. Those who believe otherwise are in denial for unknown reasons: Either purposeful deception or ignorance of Islam.

    The analogy of Islam with Christianity with regard to triumphalism is a huge and excessive stretch. Jesus taught that his purpose is not physical conquest but voluntary spiritual conquest – even to the end times. Christianity had its period of apostasy with an overly aggressive Catholic church and Protestant excesses. Christianity reformed back to its founding roots – both Catholic and to a greater degree, Protestant. Islam’s “holy” texts, doctrine and history make it impossible to reform to a benign state because it never began in a benign state. Islam “reformed” in the last several decades to what it was in the beginning: a supremacist, intolerant, terroristic, coercive ideology seeking physical domination over the entire earth.
    Bottom line: The government snowflakes (legislators, bureaucrats, military, and media) are ignorantly fearful of “poking the tiger”, Islam. They believe appeasement is the answer for good relations. They could. not. be. more. wrong!

  4. PART (A) ….
    QUESTION (a question for all … especially those who hold elected office or are  candidates for any political office or are otherwise leaders): 

    Why do you believe or not believe the following statement? … Any advancement of Islam in the U.S. is an act of war against our freedom, our lives and all we hold dear.

    My ANSWER …
    Any non-violent or violent advance of Islam, i.e. (outer) jihad, is an act of war against our freedom, our lives and all we  hold dear because the successful end result of the non-violent and/or violent advance of Islam gives the same end result that would be seen if the U.S. was defeated in violent  war and then the victor eradicated all culture  in the U.S. that does not please Allah.

    Part (B) ….
    Because the Constitution, our Constitutional laws and the Supreme Court allows Islam to exist and be advanced in the U.S., the U.S. needs political TRANSFORMATION that will turn the Republican Party into the appropriate consistent Presidential race winning dominant party and make the Democrat Party a minor 2nd or 3rd party. That will not happen unless there is a Trump surrogate, i.e. an appropriate person or entity at the national level, which can provide trusted leadership to the Trump Movement and those who never want to see another Democrat or similar U.S. President elected.

    That leadership must lead “the Trump Movement and those who never want to see another Democrat or similar U.S. President elected” to take over the Republican Party iaw the rules of the Republican Party …. the same way like-minded groups of people have been taking over political parties when they have had the numbers, motivation and freedom to do so.

    Do you agree? Got questions? eight6fourfour1ninetwo7nine seven. colemanwh@gmail.com.

  5. Coming up to 9/11 Tues., the truth about sharia law, the influence if he MB, Islam is absolutely necessary. I believe the objective of the former Pres., the open borders insanity, that flooded the country with so many refugees from mostly islamic countries was almost a subversive move to cause chaos and distract the military from the unfolding threat.The many purges of adjectives to aid the military accommodated by Brennen made sure the U.S would stay blind to the individuals who arrived while also training the generals to disregard the Islamic jihad war declared on the U. S homeland, follow the CVE script to train the enemy abroad. The deep state resistance and selective information to our new President.

  6. Mr. Guandolo, perhaps a more relevant question pertains to the issue that everyone in government from the president down to the newest enlistee must know that islam is at war with the entire world in general and with America specifically. The reason for the former is that the koran commands all muslims to fight the entire world in order to force all non muslims to submit to islam, the latter as the muslime brother has a written plan by which they plan to conquer the US in order to destroy our Constitution then replace it with sharia.

    So given those facts, I believe a more appropriate question is why hasn’t every general and politician been charged with treason since they all know these facts yet not one of them has responded to the clear threat to our country posed by islam which in my view makes them ALL guilty of treason?

  7. […] U.S. Generals Refuse to Identify Islam as the Threat = Another Dead Soldier Do our generals know that many of their muslim “advisors” adhere to sharia which obliges them to lie to non-muslims?  Should our generals know this? https://www.understandingthethreat.com/us-generals-refuse/ […]

    Absolutely; as a matter of historical fact, for example, SHAEF commander, five-star General Dwight D. Eisenhower, could have prevented the so-called “Cold War” with the USSR from ever happening with a swipe of his pen had he chose to restore the flow of gasoline urgently needed by U.S. 3rd Army commanding General George S. Patton’s Berlin Bound, “Blood & Guts Sherman Tank Express”; but instead chose to humiliate not only said warrior by relieving him of his command for having slapped a malingerer, but the country as well by diverting American forces to the Ardennes where, it turned out, what was left of the German Wehrmacht was refitting for the Nazi version of a “Hail Mary” pass, aka ‘the battle of the bulge.”

    Actually, with respect to what appears to remain a little known though demonstrable fact surrounding said disaster; according to a vertically centered recto-page advisory box in an issue of TIME magazine at the time, General Eisenhower — sans any coordination with the Truman White House for authorization — actually telephoned the Kremlin to advise (presumably) Stalin, that in view of Russia’s relevantly enormous military as well as civilian, war losses (by one estimate,500,000 killed and wounded consequent of the Red Army’s tank battle with the Nazis at Kursk), as a gesture of respect for an ally, he was affording the Red Army the honor of taking Berlin. (which would end the European phase of one War, but clearly become the central cause of the other).

    As for the frenetic hunt for the identity of the anonymous contributor of an op-ed piece in the New York Times recently, on behalf of a sub rosa group of anarchists with a burning desire to destroy the country; in my opinion (everybody has one, they’re like noses) it was the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, NIKKI HALEY who wrote it, and who, according to the tenor of her Wikipedia page, probably harbors presidential aspirations, which on at least two occasions have been encouraged by none other than world-class President Trump hater, Mitt Romney; and named too, by TIME, among its list of (presumably, America’s)100 most influential people. Furthermore NIKKI HALEY has clearly distanced herself from the president with respect to UTT’s foregoing narrative, inasmuch as she has asserted that even if it were enacted into law she would not support any ban on Muslim immigration because to do so would be “un-American”. Thus, not only is NIKKI HALEY an obviously uniformed threat to U.S. national security with respect to her contextual ignorance about the avowed intention of Islam to destroy Western Civilization from within, she has a subtle disquieting tendency to seemingly threaten the use of military force as though she were under the control of some person or entity unrelated to the White House, thus unrelated to reality.

  9. I am a Canadian and our leaders show the same ignorance of the Islamic ideology,and as a result thousands of potential murders are now here . Robert Spencer’s book The History of Jlhad should be required reading by all engaged in the fight against this ideology.

  10. Rest In Peace, Seargent, and may your death lead us not in continued complacency, but inspire our military to know it’s true enemies so that lives such as yours will be saved.

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