December 29, 2017

UTT Identifies Threats & Strategizes for Victory

Understanding the Threat (UTT) stands apart in this war because it provides tools to law enforcement officers at the local and state level to identify and map out jihadis and jihadi organizations and then aggressively investigatipvely pursue them.

UTT is the only organization in America doing this.

In 2017, law enforcement leaders and prosecutors directly credit UTT’s training programs and consulting for initiating several investigations in the United States, and identifying at least one Al Qaeda terrorist wanted by the FBI.

UTT is also the only organization in America working with state and local officials to implement a strategy to dismantle the jihadi network at the local level.

Understanding the Threat continues to lead the way in boldly speaking truth about real threats to the Republic, while providing solutions and strategies for victory at the local, state, and federal levels.

Join UTT in this fight today to put freedom back on the offensive where it belongs.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. I believe all police are in danger of being drawn to a residence from calls of domestic violence. And that the policy of walking toward a residence, as in the case I think in Colorado…it is a set-up possiblely a jihad trick event. Is it not true that when islamic invasions occur and they decide to act, they go after law enforcement. Complicated also by diversity of police officiers that may have other “obligations or thought processes” that would make the police department appear racist, hostile. Without the knowledge of this they are at risk and maybe should train all callers of domestic violence to if possible go outside and get out of range of an inside shooter.I don;’t have all the facts but it is heartbreaking to hear of so many officers going out on a call with bad results, since I beleive many groups are at war with the first line of defense for citizens.


    I inadvertently failed to include the following 3rd paragraph of the opinion I posted on the UTT blog element on 29.12.17 at 2140hrs (above) I.e.:

    *To secure a verbatim Arabic to English translation of Islam’s above referenced declaration of war on the United States, dated 22.05.91, and seized by Special Agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in 2004 in compliance with a federal search warrant, go to and request (for a nominal postage & handling fee) the following document: GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.


    Islam’s thoroughly documented, thus undeniable, 14-century global war of attrition on non-Muslims — the re-focused strategy of which was declared on 22 May 1991 by the terrorist organization known as the “Muslim Brotherhood in America” calling for the “destruction of western civilization from within” was a calculated precursor of the 2777 pre-meditated murders which ensued on 9/11 to thus initiate said declaration of war* in behalf of Islam, which the White House quickly referred to as a “religion of peace”.

    I thus believe that the essence of what UTT has sought to achieve by familiarizing State & local law-enforcement entities with the actual facts regarding the lethal, cunning and maniacal enemy they face on behalf of safeguarding the lives of the American people, can only be imparted effectively by contextually experienced leaders “who have been there and done that”, I.e., men who have actually led combat missions in said war and returned to whence they came with their subordinate Marines and/or others still breathing; that level of credibility is what attracted me to UTT, and that’s why I appreciate the chance one has here to express their opinion. Happy New Year and God Bless America and UTT too.

  4. Dear John,

    Peace be with you in Jesus our Lord and Savior

    It will be wise to review some of the sanctuary cities here in New York.

    Specially Buffalo, were the muslim population concentrates on the eastside, but conceals itself on the west side, among the latino members of the community.

    Be blessed!


    Carlos Sumpter
    Sumpter Ministries

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