February 22, 2020

UTT Mourns the Loss of A Great Man & American Hero Philip Haney

Written by John D. Guandolo

It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I inform you all that Philip Haney was shot and killed in California near where he was living. His body was found yesterday.

Evidence at the scene points towards a suicide, but the investigation is ongoing.

The Understanding the Threat (UTT) team mourns Phil’s death and celebrates the life of this great man.

Since 9/11, there have been very few men who have fought as courageously against real threats facing America as Philip Haney.

His work speaks for itself, and was groundbreaking. It is fair to say few had a bigger impact than Phil.

More importantly, Philip Haney was one of the most decent human beings I have ever known. He was a man of deep faith, a rabid patriot, a gentleman, a great investigator, a poet, a songwriter, an entertainer, a philosopher, and an unrelenting force against evil.

Philip Haney’s absence in the counter-jihad creates an un-fillable space. He was a quiet 100,000 ton freighter plowing through the sea undeterred, and leaves behind an example for us all.

It seems to me the best way to honor Philip Haney is to speak truth boldly in love, and stand firm in the face of the evil which persists today. Phil brought light into the darkness because he was following the example of our savior Jesus.

God bless you Phil. Troubadour Warriors until the end.

John Guandolo (L) and Philip Haney (R) on The United West trip to Israel 2019
About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Listened to Phil Haney often, especially when I needed to listen to a very rational, intelligent explanation of the dangers of the open borders, parallelled with a deep state denial and a seemingly reckless abandonment of raional thought, all centered only on diversity as the solution of world peace. Add to that the leftist support and no factual analysis of a massive invasion allowed if there was any concern to be considered when it came to how nations have been overthrown thru out history. Invasion by crossing borders to bring sharia or leftist ideology. In a modern world distracted with phone selfies, singing contests, hollywood violent gorge movies, that are impossible to watch when you are aware or real life horror tragedies not reported such as Islamic jihad in Ethiopia, or on murder and attacks on white owned farmlands of South Africa, after the apartied ended, the change of party that brought chaos and murder and a take over of an existing country 400 years old. Where was the concern for a difficult truth, the country closed their collective eyes. The “Palestinian issue with Hamas terror and a country with extremely small land area constantly harrassed by media of the only culture and land that are for Jewish or Christains to live. Where did sanity go? PHil learned arabic, lived and worked in Saudi Arabia witnessed Islam survied the culture, left after 9/11 and knew instinctly what was occurring at the border interviewed many people of concern. Under the Bush administration and especially the Obama and Biden administration the information was not welcomed to save America and that happened with advisors in the Pentagon who smiled concern but plotted our over throw. They stated “racism” but could not nor report on the doctrine that views non muslims as the worst of all peoplewith an obligation to war against, and strict penalties to examine or speak. So with a mandate of votes Trump became President and the wall of dems /left resistance not the border was for protection was driven to change America so it may no longer know or resist the enemy.

  2. I just listen to the Texas Representative that spoke on the floor in great length and admiration of his friend. No, greater tribute have I ever heard, truly he did love this man. I just wish I had the power to share but am blocked on this iPad and was blocked on the cell phone GREATCALL, too just now! So frustrating not to be able to be free!

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  6. Thanks, JG, for the fitting tribute. When mighty Oaks fall may many saplings find courage in the sunlight to fill the gap.

  7. I don’t believe for 1/2 second that this was suicide. Mr Haney made that clear himself……God himself will get revenge, for Mr Haney was a servant of the Most High.

    • Paula, those useful idiots, that did that will surely pay. They won a battle, they think but they will lose the war, fire and brimstone will not be a reward.

  8. I do not believe this was a suicide. Phil had many death threats against him from the Red-Green Axis. He told friends to not believe any account that he had committed suicide because he said he was not suicidal.

  9. Some one forwarded me an update by John on the investigation of Phil’s death that I was unable to copy forcsharing.

    I don’t see the update on the website.

    I have twice heard Phil make presentations, and have his book.

  10. Has our USELESS government ever conducted an investigation into what Phil reported in his booK/

    • No. The federal government has been catastrophically unprofessional in identifying the jihadi threat and creating a strategy to defeat it.

  11. John, The police called it a “suicide” because there was a gun laying beside the body. Duh! That’s one of the oldest tricks in the trade. You want a similar high profile case? Google Alberto Nisman of Argentina. Exactly the same thing. Nisman was found with a pistol next to his body, and it was even his pistol. It was first ruled a suiced by the Argentine president and inteligence service. Subsequent intevestigations by the independent Arginetine Border partrol determined that it was a professional hit job. What else about the Nisman and Handy cases are similar? The both had a very strong Obama connection. Just saying.

  12. […] night I received the shocking and sad news that Philip Haney had died. It was on a private email list and I did not see it until the next […]

  13. […] night I received the shocking and sad news that Philip Haney had died. It was on a private email list and I did not see it until the next […]

  14. […] night I received the shocking and sad news that Philip Haney had died. It was on a private email list and I did not see it until the next […]

  15. We can’t let this go unnoticed. We must each rise up and do our part in this travesty.

  16. I hope his wife has those notes

  17. I believe Phil Haney was martyred. He was a hero of heroes. God bless his memory.

  18. My deepest condolences for the loss of Phil Haney. I to found the results of his death troubling, I’m curious as to what you John, feel about the suicide results that was given for his cause of death. Thank you for the email informing us of Phil’s death.

  19. I pray that people will look further into Phil’s death.
    Phil’s fight is over and he is at peace with the Lord.
    May those closest to him be a voice for him.

  20. Phil was murdered. His wife died in 2019 and he was engaged to be married in 2020. He recently told someone he couldn’t be happier. GREAT MAN did all he could to protect our freedoms!!

  21. I just heard the news about Phil Haney, this is horrible. I agree with Caro K, I can’t say any more he was a genius and suffered for his stellar work in protecting this country. I don’t know if his wife survived him, as I know she was ill, my heart breaks for her. The scope of his knowledge will be hard to replace, he often stated “I kept notes”, he was awesome, and his death fightens me and John we need you more than ever. This is a dark night.

    • I love that Our Y-h has him in His Kingdom. The others responsible for his demise will burn forever and ever. We need to take his names and further his work for the glory of Y-h. I just a couple of days ago had a person try to convince me to buy a gun. Tonight…I had a advertisement for ADT. What is John’s saying, “ when you’re over the target, you’re taking flake? “ Ha ha, a car tag said, urbrave. Sometimes I just think I’m a useful idiot. But I love The Bible and His Word. “ He who is in me is greater than what’s in them, amen. “.

  22. Thank you for a fine summary of a life lived full. We all suffer the pain of the dark night’s of the soul, but I struggle deeply with the preliminary results of this death, as Phil Haney was a Christian. Keep up the good fight, John Guandolo, for we need you now more than ever.

  23. Phil will be greatly missed. He told us that if he is ever found dead, it would not be suicide…keep up the good work

  24. When I met him & after a conversation I said, Wow he might be the kindest gentle smart man I have ever met. When I asked him Questions his answers were so profound I will never forget them as long as I live. I saw him in action when a terrible event happened. He was so calm, collected & I felt so safe with him. That experience I had is so memorable. I looked so forward to meet him again. Maybe he can help us from above. We lost a great man.

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