UTT Response to AG Garland’s Press Conference

August 11, 2022

UTT Response to AG Garland’s Press Conference

by John D. Guandolo

August 11, 2022

Today, the Attorney General of the United States Merrick Garland gave a press conference to discuss the FBI raid on President Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

Preliminary Comments

This speech should be put into context before commenting on it. Here are a few details readers are encouraged to consider when listening to/reading Garland’s comments:

  1. Joe Biden declared the entire MAGA Movement “the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history” and mobilized the FBI and other federal agencies to go after citizens exercising their right to free expression who believe in the ideal of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, a free market economy, and all the other God-given rights for which the American government was created to protect.
  2. Recently, the FBI published training guidance identifying the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag, the Gonzales Battle Flag, and other similarly patriotic symbols as signs of “Violent Extremism” for which FBI agents should be on the alert. It should be noted the entire “Combatting Violent Extremism” effort was integrated into the FBI by the International Muslim Brotherhood via the British government.
  3. Former FBI Director James Comey publicly declared – years before he became the FBI Director – he was a communist and is not sure where his current internal loyalties lie.
  4. Black Lives Matter (BLM) was created from the largest Chinese communist organization in America to serve the communist cause here. BLM was never not a communist organization. Yet, the FBI along with its agents and leaders across the United States took no coordinated action against this national threat to states, communities, and citizens to dismantle BLM and lawfully pursue its leadership, structure, and financial support. This despite the fact BLM destroyed communities, killed citizens, and stole/looted millions of dollars of merchandise from shop owners across the United States. Instead of doing their duty, FBI leaders and agents knelt down in solidarity with this Chinese communist effort, either too stupid, incompetent, or nefarious to do what their Oaths require.
  5. FBI Director Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Peter Strzok, worked with others, including foreign nationals, in a coordinated effort to lie and falsifying an Application and 3 subsequent renewals to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court in order to unlawfully surveil President Trump, his family, and his staff in violation of numerous federal laws, DOJ and FBI policies, and their Oaths of Office.
  6. Three weeks before the 2020 Presidential election, the FBI arrested several individuals for conspiring to kidnap and kill Governor Whitmer (democrat) of Michigan who blamed President Trump for inciting “domestic terrorism.” Joe Biden (democrat) used the arrests to attack President Trump saying it proves his “tolerance of hate, vengeance, and lawlessness to plots such as this one.” In fact, evidence and jury verdicts reveal FBI informants and agents drove this “plot” to assassinate the governor of Michigan in order to entrap citizens involved in local militias.
  7. In June 2021, in response to the FBI’s complete investigative failure regarding widespread sexual assault and other crimes committed against members of the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, the Inspector General of the Department of Justice published a statement which read, in part: “FBI agents disregarded allegations by Olympic gymnasts that they were sexually assaulted by former national team doctor Larry Nassar, and later made false statements to cover their mistakes.”

The continued failures and intentional use of their powers to subvert the unalienable rights of American citizens leaves the FBI on the wrong side of the law, the Constitution, and of liberty.

[Note: UTT is not going to comment regarding published information the judge who signed off on the search warrant was an ally of Jeffrey Epstein and traveled on the “sex trips” to Epstein’s island until a more detailed investigation can be completed.]

Attorney General Garland’s Comments

Now to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comments regarding this week’s raid of President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar a Lago, Florida.

*** See the video of AG Garland’s press conference – less than 4 minutes – HERE. ***

The U.S. Attorney General stated he personally approved the search warrant for Mr. Trump’s home, which makes him culpable in the event – like the numerous cases over the last few years, including those listed above – the “evidence” was manufactured

Mr. Garland: “Faithful adherence to the Rule of Law is the bedrock principle of the Justice Department and of our democracy. Upholding the Rule of Law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor. Under my watch that is precisely what the Justice Department is doing. All Americans are entitled to the evenhanded application of the law, the process of the law and the presumption of innocence.”

UTT Response

  1. Yet, no action has been taken by the Department of Justice to deal with Black Lives Matter as a Chinese communist entity taking violent action in the United States against U.S. citizens.
  2. Mr. Garland agrees with Mr. Biden’s comments that “white supremacy”/those part of the MAGA movement are the greatest threat to the United States, yet simultaneously fails to take action with regards to (1) the influx of illegals into America, many who are criminals and terrorists, and the use of federal resources and personnel conspiring to commit federal violations in furtherance of this effort, (2) the massive jihadi network across the United States without any action from the DOJ to deal with the numerous criminal conspiracies involved in this network, and (3) the communist effort and criminal conspiracy perpetrated by Antifa to destroy property, harm/kill citizens, and further a hostile effort to overthrow the Constitutional Republic.
  3. Mr. Garland’s overt use of his authority to assault the unalienable rights of citizens while letting criminals, terrorists, and others do as they please in the United States is evidence of his lying, hypocrisy, unprofessional conduct, and criminal negligence.

Mr. Garland: “Let me address recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the FBI and Justice Department agents and prosecutors. I will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked. The men and women of the FBI and the Justice Department are dedicated patriotic public servants. Every day they protect the American people from violent crime, terrorism, and other threats to their safety while safeguarding our civil rights.”

UTT Response

In fact, a review of items 1-7 above, which is only a fraction of the FBI’s failures and intentional use of their powers to undermine the civil liberties of American citizens, should give every American pause.

To believe Mr. Trump’s residence was raided because of real and serious concerns by the Department of Justice Mr. Trump is violating the law versus the idea the DOJ is using its power and authority to continue to undermine the MAGA movement it and Joe Biden call the greatest threat to the Republic in American history in order to advance their control of the state and power, is to be a fool.

The U.S. Attorney General, like the current FBI Director, Joe Biden, and many other leaders in the United States are tyrants who are overtly working to bring down the Republic and are targeting Patriots in their efforts to achieve this end.

As it always in in tyrannies, this is all about Control of the State and Power.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. All(?),

    I’m still amazed you’re getting paid to say these outlandish things.

    • As I have mentioned before, if you can demonstrate which sentence is untruthful, come forward. Otherwise, I encourage you to recognize that the truth always offends those who do not have it. “When we are disturbed, the problem is us.”

      • John,

        I’ve never stated any comments were untruthful. Context: singularly and combined the comments seemed to point towards a kinetic uprising. Also, “getting paid” was referring to the commenters, not you. Lastly, I would recommend commenters choose their responses wisely. I hope my response has provided clarification.

  2. John, we really appreciate your insight. Keep up the great work! May your intel continue to spread and enlighten Patriots and Americans.
    God Bless

  3. Methinks that the Marxists in power in the US and Canada must first cleanse the military and law enforcement of Christians, Conservatives and Patriots….Only then will they be confident that their assault on the patriots might succeed…..The clock is ticking……

    • Amen sir. I’ve be saying this for awhile. Then fill the slots with woke affirmation action equity little Marxist. Not to mention 87k woke IRS accounts with guns.

  4. USAG. This man has done precisely what he was told to do. He has reduced his office to just another talking head reading a prompter. Today’s message from the AG was part of a script written by powers far above his. Sad this once honorable office has been bought off and brought so low. He is truly just another puppet whose strings are being pulled by the same cabal controlling the Admin.

  5. John, good case summary! Thank you. Agree entirely. I view the Nov. 3 US Presidential election debacle as in fact an invisible and nearly silent coup de tat. The Republic has fallen and needs restoration. The present Admin is a fraud of the highest magnitude. These tyrants are indeed accusing the “opposition” of the very same activities and they engage in. The pot calling the kettle black. Is the former president in any way part of a restoration of our Republic? Probably not. There may never be another free election in America. What is the way forward in view of your 7 points above? This will go kinetic I am sure. What that looks like will vary depending on the terrain. Information warfare rules the day until suddenly it does not. John you can make a quick list of all the combatants who will join the fray as targets of opportunity present each with a perceived advantage. Thanks again for your present work. I am saddened that your Alma Mater agency has fallen so far.

  6. John,

    This was a brilliant editorial reply to a g garland, from some who knows DOJ from the inside. I recently watched the documentary “Capital Punishment” & was struck by your comments there as well. You made a profound impression on me when you stated, words to the effect that “you saw that FBI agents were dispersed around the Capital January 6 2021, attempting to entrap Trump supporters to enter the building”!

    The challenge we all face as MAGA conservatives is that we are in first & foremost, an information war, & still we can not effectively get our message out to counter the marxist control of the narrative. Unless One America News, Newsmax, Steve Bannon’s Warroom & Truth Social all can greatly expand their audiences, the truth, like your commentary & the terrific documentary “Capital Punishment”, just gets completely lost by the marxist domination of main stream & social media.

    We continue to be completely outgunned in the information war. Please know the MAGA crowd in south Florida is beside themselves with rage over the attack on President Trumps beautiful home. The word is some of those “agents” STOLE clothes belonging to Melania Trump! I might add that F Y I, the r i n o unelected Mayor of the Town of Palm Beach, danielle moore, on Monday night, ordered the Palm Beach Police to deploy IN RIOT GEAR to Southern Blvd adjacent to Mar a Lago, & then TOW 8 cars belonging to Trump supporters who arrived to show support for President Trump! There were NO POSTED NO PARKING SIGNS!

    The republic is in grave danger!

    Thanks for all you do!

  7. So, when will citizens take up arms in mass all across this great land and take our country back? Or are we just going to sit back and let the bastards take it without a fight.

    • I would say the communists are pushing the citizens to give them an excuse to go full jackboot. With the MSM propaganda machine in full support of the Communists if patriots do something first, regardless of if it is justified the propaganda machine will have what they want. Sadly, the patriots must suffer until the communists make the first move by doing what communists do and that is murder innocent patriots.

  8. Yep.

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