UTT Throwback Thursday: Las Vegas and the Eerie Silence

October 19, 2017

UTT Throwback Thursday: Las Vegas and the Eerie Silence

It has been over two and a half weeks since the “deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history” and it is strangely quiet in Las Vegas.

UTT’s John Guandolo and Chris Gaubatz were in Las Vegas for two days this week speaking at a terrorism conference.  They met with local leaders, spoke to law enforcement with insight into the investigation, and walked through the Mandalay Bay, the location from which the attack took place.

Several red flags continue to call attention to an investigation that is intent on looking everywhere but at the heart of the matter for answers.

The media has all but forgotten the event even took place.

And still, not a peep from any Islamic leader.

The best analysis of the attack based on facts and evidence currently available is that this attack was an Islamic State operation.  There is little or no information which even begins to contravene this assessment.

There is also the curious behavior of Australian Brian Hodge, who claimed on twitter he was in the room “next to Paddock” in 32134 at the Mandalay Bay.  Yet, evidence reveals Paddock was firing from rooms 32135 AND 32134.  Hodge also told Australian media outlets he was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay when the attack was in progress, and then fled to bushes near the hotel where he remained for 3 1/2 hours.

The story he told the media is strange and inconsistent with the facts.  See/hear his interviews here and here.

Yet, as of the publication of this article, Brian Hodge has not been interviewed by the FBI or the Las Vegas Sheriff’s Office.

While there are many wild theories floating on the internet about this attack, it is not hard to imagine why citizens would conjure up such theories.  The lead investigative agency, the FBI, declared the event “not terrorism” immediately after the event, and have demonstrated no understanding of recent attacks – certainly not in the last eight years.

Prior to Omar Mateen killing 49 and wounding nearly 60 others in Orlando, Florida, he was interviewed several times by the FBI as the subject of an investigation.  The week prior to his attack, Mateen cleared all of his debt in accordance with Islamic Law (sharia).  A shahid is forgiven all wrong-doing, except debt.

How many Counter-Terrorism agents in the FBI know this?  The answer is a number approximating zero.

Investigators have dismissed Islam or the Islamic State as a possible avenue to pursue in the Las Vegas attack, despite the fact that the Islamic State claimed the attack as their operation through their official channels.

By failing to include Islam and jihad as the root of the attack, investigators cannot look at the likely cause and the doctrine driving the jihadi Movement – sharia.  Paddock sent $100k to the Philippines.  Did it go to pay off debt?  You can be assured no one is looking at this one simple action in the proper investigative light.

Its not possible to get the answers you need when you shut the door on the most likely motive for this attack.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
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  5. John, Please review article Las Vegas Review Journal, and the Saudi Arabia visitors who occupied 289 rooms of another hotel, owned separately, but occupies the top 5 floors of Mandalay Hotel. Occupied from Aug. 4th to 28th along with the Twitter Prince and the Saudi Arabia Royal Air Force that had exercises at Nellis Air Force base. Then today same Prince grinning as a chestire cat, said they claim their investments are the major reason for our stock market new records. I feel a little sick by all of this as if we have been set up by prior pres. to not be aware or ready of the events to take the U.S.

    I also read about Hooters some guy posted a remote video but not sure if it was an ambulance staging ground. The next hit will all be financial I fear.

  6. Maybe Prince al Weed and Bill G. could explain why the press is so silent about Mandalay? Steve picked a curious location or maybe not, jihadi’s always cause an uproar to cause economic distress.

  7. The strange silence on the Mandalay shooting in Las Vegas…who owned the top five floors….and the connections between the hospitality business, ie hotels, is big in Las Vegas..to foreign interests especially Saudi Arabia. Where there groups of people who supported pro islamist organizations in Vegas. Just read an article Las Vegas Review Journal, I don’t understand..about a Red Flay 17-4 event in August 2017 on Nellis Air Force Base. 10th Squadron Royal Air Force…rented rooms where? W. Las Vegas. Which is also strange to me to have Saudi Arabia as an ally, the heart of Islam and the blindness of Islam and terrorism. I guess Royal Families and princes have visited he U.S. many times along with King Abdullah in New York. to attend th e U. N..? How did Campos get on the Ellen show…? who arranged this. I watched a rerun…he appears a hero..although he acted extremely nervous. So is the refusal of Isis connection being done in deference to Saudi Arabia? Trumps visit to Saudi Arabia may be a presidential function, however I just wonder how much he is aware of who he appealed too and wanting a relationship and business relations. This is troubling for me if he is being swamped to do so. He ask them to push out terrorism….that would be difficult for a society built on the Quran.

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  9. I spent all last week in Vegas as a police chaplain and was stationed at the FOP trailer where members of Lodge #1 was providing food and a place to relax for for local LVMPD and FBI officers who were working the crime scene. In speaking with with local PD officers most agreed that there is more to this than meets the eye going on in this investigation. Being a student of the training provided by UTT during my active police career before retiring November 2016 in conversations with active and retired local LEOs I was able to answer some of their questions regarding their suspicions about possible Islamic involvement. I sent the ones interested the link to UTT and suggested they read Raising a Jihadi Generation. Thanks to JG and UTT for providing class 1 training during my career that made it possible to share information with these officers. Thanks UTT!

  10. The Las Vegas massacre news blackout has bumped the US into a new realm, along the lines of the nearly 1000 women raped by Muslim migrants on New Years Eve in Germany two years ago, when it took weeks to learn the scope of the attack, and of complicity of the law, the news, and the government’s cover up. In that case though no one lost their lives.

    Not only are there 58 dead in Las Vegas, there’s nearly 500 !!!! injured. The media’s normal instant info about any shooter, any time–except Muslims–is, as you say, eerily quiet. Following the obfuscation pattern of previous Islamic attacks, this blackout gives credence this too is Islamic terrorism. The only sources examining the who/what/where/when/why/how of this horrific attack are independent ones, with in-depth knowledge of Islamic terrorism (that the law should/must have!) and ballistics. I get it that law enforcement can’t release all that they know, but if the link below is true, we are in big trouble, for it offers a detailed, credible explanation that there was more than one shooter:


    If this info is true, then law enforcement isn’t keeping us safe, because additional shooters are walking around free–no public manhunt (surely the best way of catching someone), no hotel surveillance videos of the person/persons of interest, nada. Who and where are they? And are they likely to attack again?

  11. One other prohibition in Islam is the Prohibition of Music. Thus, concerts should now continue to be another area of concern where the possibility of a jihadist attack will occur again at any given time. Here is the info from an Islamic source:

    Fifteenth Greater Sin: Music
    Playing instruments of music is a Greater Sin. It is Harām to play instruments like guitar, piano, tambourine, drums etc. Listening to music is also a Greater Sin. Music as a Greater sin is reported by Fazl ibn Shazān from Imam ‘Ali ar-Riďa (a.s.):

    “And to be engrossed in musical instruments is also a Greater Sin.”


    • I agree with you Mike, these were my observations also….along with the fires of the wine country. However it is strange that jihadi’s’ often partake then go on a rampage. I am not a fan of gambling, and know the dangers of alcohol for many people however I would not consider ever taking life as he has done or convert to a doctrine that would call for jihad, I guess that is because I have read similar verse…and know about the hypocrisy due to the verses that call for lying about being tolerant, wanting justice, denying use of terror and the low value of human life. UTT is so on top of this deception I wish more could be informed.

  12. There is another important factor that definitely points to the possibility that the Islamic ideology had something to do with the slaughter of those attending the concert in Las Vegas. Drinking wine or any alcoholic beverage is a prohibition in Islam. Incidentally, during investigation interviews of workers where Paddock had been seen prior to the attack, some of the casino workers said that Paddock did not drink at all – which to them seemed out of the ordinary. Additionally, while gambling is also prohibited in Islam, Paddock reportedly was known to be a “high-roller” and yet there are also claims that he had recently converted to Islam. Additionally, threats against Las Vegas had been made by ISIS earlier this year with the encouragement for lone wolf attack to be carried out against that city. So, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Las Vegas attack was motivated in accordance to Islamic influence. On another recent incident, I believe that the fires in the wine country of the Sonoma Valley in Northern California should also be investigated as arson with possible ties to the Islamic fatwas that have called on Muslims to “set America on fire.” Here are two rulings from an Islamic source that should be seriously considered and not overlooked by those investigating both incidents, Las Vegas and Sonoma Valley fires:
    Gambling and Wine Cause Avarice and Enmity
    “The Shaitan only desires to cause enmity and hatred to spring in your midst by means of intoxicants and games of chance…” (Surah al-Mā’ida 5:91)
    Source https://www.al-islam.org/greater-sins-volume-1-ayatullah-sayyid-abdul-husayn-dastghaib-shirazi/fourteenth-greater-sin

    • I keep asking this question that occurred to me when I started looking a photos of the event the day after: Why isn’t there ANY blood on the grounds? There was trash everywhere. The videos during the shooting showed stampeding concertgoers and chaos, but hundreds lying bleeding and dying? People bleed profusely when shot. The green areas and the asphalt strip in front of the stage area have NO blood. The UK Daily Mail had a lot of photos that bear me out. I haven’t any idea why, but something is wrong with this whole “massacre.”

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