October 26, 2017

UTT Throwback Thursday: What is the Purpose of a Mosque?

Hamas’ Dar al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, VA (USA)

The Koran says Islam’s prophet Mohammad is a “beautiful pattern of conduct” (33:21) and an “exalted standard of character” (68:4).

Therefore, the purpose of a mosque is based on the example of Mohammad.

Mohammad used the mosque as the seat of Islamic government where sharia was adjudicated. It was a place for muslims to gather and learn about Islam. It was a place to plan battles and train jihadis. It was a place to store weapons.

A mosque is the place from which jihad is launched.

And, oh by the way, a mosque is used for prayer as well.


“In Muhammad’s time the mosque played an important role in encouraging muslims to wage jihad.”
Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi  (Islamic scholar, Senior Jurist for the International Muslim Brotherhood)

“The mosque is the bastion of the great jihad”
Ayatollah Khomeini

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers.”
Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan


Islamic Center of America mosque in Dearborn, Michigan (USA)

In Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S. forces always found weapons in mosques.

In Europe, security officials find weapons in the mosques they raid.

In 2009, Imam Luqman Abdullah of the Masjid al Haq in Detroit, Michigan was shot and killed by law enforcement (FBI/local police) when he fired on them killing a police dog.  One of the source’s in the case testified he/she participated in weapons training inside the mosque.

Diyanet Center mosque in Lanham, Maryland (USA)

A mosque is not an “Islamic church.”  A mosque is not a “place of worship”

A mosque is the seat of Islamic government.

A mosque is more aptly likened to an embassy or military outpost…and there are currently over 3100 of them in America today.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Spot on UTT, but I will go a step further and declare all mosque should be demolished in America because they deny Americans their Constitutional rights. Islam is a subversive authoritarian organization posing as a religion to destroy America. Islam is not a religion. It is a perverted evil theocracy aimed at converting the globe or killing those who won’t convert to Islam. Shame on our spineless coward politicians who care more for Saudi money than We the People.

    Pray for peace but be prepared for war, its coming!

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  9. Thank you JG for this UTT THROWBACK THURSDAY DAY, even though it is a day later for me to respond to this information on What is a Mosque? Alot of Radio Host are getting this but they need to hammer it more to the American people and beat the fake Media down and keep exposing these Islam Sharia Law Government Mosques and keep exposing that they are not of peace!! Thank you JG

  10. These mosques that are built to impress with size, are also statements of land conquered. They serve as learning centers of the Quran, the laws of sharia, the laws of jihad warfare and darwah to the community to appear pious to religious devotion. The call to prayer five times and the hidden goal of deception with the marketing of peacefulness, tolerance but also with the planning of conversion of many to Islam. Once a person is taken by the mind and soul and if the day arrives they realize the doctrine is not peaceful although they say they abhor terrorism, the slaying of unbelievers is acceptable since they reject Islam and it is not in Islam considered terrorism. The terrorist are only non-believers. Therein lies the problem of leaving. So why are so many still being built?

  11. Many get confused by the fact that Islam is called a religion and thus think that it is similiar to other religions. When a “religion” is founded by a warlord with world conquest on their mind like Islam, there is only one goal on it’s mind- deception and domination. It would be like calling Nazism or Communism a religion. Islam is all about Mohammad. He used Allah like a sock puppet to dictate his personal wishes claiming it is the will of a deity. He performed no miracles or healings to confirm that the creator of the universe had chosen him to be His spokeman. What he did do is rape, rob and kill. All Muslims need to take an objective exploration of their “religion” to see that it is used as a a tool of deception by evil men to control them. Contrary to Mohammad, Jesus proved that he was not just a prophet but the Son of God who proved it by performing miracles that would be impossible for a man to do it on his own ability. There is other historical records beside the Bible to prove that he existed and he continues to show that he is the Son of God by performing miracles through the power of His Spirit even to this day.

  12. None of this info is a surprise to me, but I’m certain it will be for many in this country. I wish our nation would put effort into educated the citizens about this dangerous ideology rather that let it be assumed as a religion. Perhaps when all the current political corruption is finally cleaned out the Islam issue will jump to the top of the agenda on how to keep our country safe so that we don’t end up like the UK and Europe.
    Meanwhile my thanks to John Guandolo for attempting to educate people about “The Religion of Peace”…..it is so very important.

  13. Wow, a military outpost. That’s a frightening thought.

  14. This analogy of a Mosque as a military outpost or embassy of Islam is outstanding. Nail on the head I would say.

    • iam of greek origin ilove the usa and Canada ihave ahard time to believe that people cannot understand the threat posed by the mosques islam is apolitical Nazi system enforced by sharia masquerading as a religion enforced brainwashed zombies we fought them from 1453 to 1821 and then till 1st Balkan war and now there taking over Europe without ashot sad indeed this cult off death does not assimilate

      excellent observation donot stop to turn every rock upside down the muslim brotherhood cair etc all there helpful organizations are all fronts for undermining our constitution and taking over soft jihad stealthy andthey play the victims they will even undermine there sects sio they can look like there out to protect thje nations they are living there main goal is take over

    • If Ghengis Khan or Attila the Hun founded a so called religion, would people still show reverence/deference to such a creed? It’s a rhetorical question. Of course not. People must wake up to this incomparable existential threat to all civilized people.
      The irrefutable historical evidence is mountainous showing anthro, cultural, religious annihilation.
      Remember, as their barbaric leader is quoted as saying,”War is deceit.”. We will commit to eliminating this ideology. The family of man calls for it.

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