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    China's Double-Edged Victory


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    Conference call with Patriots & Pastors

    On July 23, 2020, UTT President John Guandolo spoke on a conference call with patriots and pastors from around the nation as a part of the Black Robe Regiment. This audio is an important yet clear description of the threats America faces from the communists and jihadis, and what UTT offers as a solution for victory!

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    UTT 1 Minute Radio Spot 1
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    UTT Radio Show (12/9/19) on Saudi Involvement in 9/11
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    Guandolo on Glazov Gang: Manchester was Inevitable
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    Guandolo on the Glazov Gang: President Trump vs Muslim Brotherhood
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    Gaubatz & Guandolo on the Glazov Gang: Kathy Griffin's ISIS Romance
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    Gaubatz on the Glazov Gang: The Threat of CAIR & the Muslim Brotherhood
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    Vast Majority of US Mosques/Islamic Centers Part of Jihadi Network - Dec. 4, 2015 - Breitbart Radio Interview
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    US Gov't Has Received Nearly Zero Help from Muslim Community - Dec 7, 2015 - Breitbart Radio Interview
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    Alan Colmes Show - Dec 29, 2015 Alan Colmes vs John Guandolo
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    JG on United West regarding CIA Director John Brennan's Conversion to Islam

    In the United West video below, former FBI special agent John Guandolo discusses John Brennan’s conversion to Islam while a CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and its implications in light of Brennan’s nomination as CIA Director.

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    JG on The War Room regarding CIA Director John Brennan's Conversion to Islam

    In this radio interview on The War Room with Quinn & Rose, John Guandolo talks about the troubling ramifications of CIA Director John Brennan’s conversion to Islam when he was a CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia..

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    JG on the Sean Hannity Radio Program on 12th Anniversary of 9/11


    John was interviewed by Sean Hannity on 9/19/2013, about a week after the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and talked about the catastrophic failure of our Government to deal with the growing threat from the Muslim Brotherhood in America who seek to transform it into an Islamic republic under Islamic Law.

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    Links to Breitbart Articles - Last updated June 16, 2016
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    John Guandolo on CNS Stakelbeck on Terror from 2010
  17. 17
    Steve Marlzberg Show, April 2015
  18. 18
    Fred Grandy Show, WMAL, Washington, DC
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    Maricopa County (AZ) Attorney Defends UTT
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    John Guandolo on American Pastor's Network w/ Sam Rohrer - The COVID Narrative 4/17/20
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    John Bennett on The Fred Holland Radio Show - COVID Outbreak 4/21/20
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    John Guandolo on the Andy Caldwell Radio Show - The 4 Stages of Communist Takeover 4/27/20 (Begin at 42:17 mark)
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    John Guandolo on the Bill Martinez Show - (6:11-29:12 mark) - The Communist Movement in America 4/28/20
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    John Bennett on the Perry Atkinson Show (video) - Closing Churches vs Mosques 4/28/20
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    John Guandolo on VCY America Crosstalk with Jim Schneider - We Are Being Lied to About the COVID Pandemic 4/30/20
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    John Guandolo on the Ed Martin Pro America Radio Show 5/8/20