UTT’s Initial Assessment of Nashville Bombing

December 29, 2020

UTT’s Initial Assessment of Nashville Bombing

by John D. Guandolo


At 6:30 AM CST on Christmas day, a VBIED (Vehicle-Bourne Improvised Explosive Device) exploded in downtown Nashville, Tennessee damaging/destroying over 40 businesses and injuring at least eight (8) people.

The bomb was carried in a Recreational Vehicle (RV), and the remains of Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, of Antioch, Tennessee, who is the owner of the RV, were found in the wreckage of the vehicle.

At the center of the blast radius is an AT&T transmission facility, and the blast directly affected communications to a large area extending to several states around Tennessee, including 911 service in the Nashville area.


The attack occurred on Christmas, after the Global Islamic Movement actors called for Christmas day attacks in the West.

The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood has been recruiting “clean faces” – people they believe do not “look” muslim – for all levels of their operations, so those who are quick to dismiss this bombing as a “non-jihadi attack” may be jumping to an incorrect conclusion.

There is information this Nashville AT&T site is linked to the ongoing investigation into Dominion, whose voting machines and software are tied to fraudulent votes and foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential election. UTT is running these leads down and will publish a more detailed account when we have completed this part of our investigation.

Nashville has a high concentration of jihadi and communist leaders and organizations, all of whom have been supported for years by Nashville’s elected, law enforcement, and civic leaders. These hostile Movements have been given top-cover by both democrats and republicans in Tennessee over the years. Jihadis work directly with communist Black Lives Matters and Antifa, and often serve in leadership positions in these organizations.

The FBI is addressing the bombing as a criminal matter and will, as it has in all similar cases, fail to view it from a strategic perspective, which will necessarily cause them to mishandle the entire case. The FBI has no understanding of the communist and jihadi threats at a micro or macro level and, therefore, is grossly ill-equipped to offer a productive response. See UTT’s article on the incompetence of the FBI HERE for more.


UTT’s initial assessment with the information we have now is that the Christmas day bombing in Nashville was a planned operation executed by Antifa as a disruption/distraction operation and to cripple a communications node to test local/state response.

This operation sends several signals – because the is first and foremost an INFORMATION WAR. A few of these messages are:

  1. Christians – we do not respect you and will come at you on one of your High Holy Days.
  2. Citizens – your government can’t protect you
  3. Police – you are defenseless and incapable of protecting your community

This event takes the eye of the public off the voter fraud of the 2020 Presidential election and gives Antifa’s witting allies in the media a large story to keep in the headlines and dampen a real discussion of massive nationwide voter fraud.

UTT assesses the FBI and related investigating agencies will deem Anthony Quinn Warner as a mentally-ill loner with “no connection” to “terrorist groups” and close the case, missing the forest for the trees once again.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. The leaders of sharia law now are eager to convert white males, and woman unlike 9/11 where the attackers were male either Sauds, or Egyptian, Iranian and worked together for one goal that same goal of all islamic terror groups disruption, deception, instilling fear and have most beleivers wear the friendly face and invite them with soft words, or luring them to convert then use them to mislead due to their non middle easter appearance so investigations, or conclusions of white supremacy instead of sharia law rule promoters, ie middle eastern appearance. They now realize we have a population that is 1/2 clueless and administrations forbidden to include the motivation of doctrine sharia laws forbid to be understood or examined and call it hate speech….a penalty in sharia countries is life ending. Besides they want to start a revolution in this country…that starts with mass migration over borders in all countries around the world. A possible motivation in this case that may have covered up the last voting event.

  2. During the media coverage at the beginning on Christmas day, I noticed the street sign. I beleive one said Church and the other Gay did anyone else notice these street signs? What exactly was inside that building first described as AT@T, did Anthong Warner have previous access since he was technically skilled? Similiar to the Vegas shootings, it was media silenced or information deep 6, like a done event.

  3. I know biological and injections are used on myself. I could never prove it because the ones making me I’ll for decades and causing the 70% loss of muscle mass, excuscating body pain is not normal. I am a nurse, too. A neighbor, stupidly said to me, ” I can make you throw up and a lot. “. My neighbors are very sick ( mental / demons ) and live off of me as the parasites and blood suckers that they are. This type of system only encourages many, many poor leadership and sicker individuals/entities. Let’s all pray President Trump’s election will be honored and families can become through ( especially pray for this ) solid Biblical Word teachings. Then hopefully the entities can build a much more satisfying foundation that can be carried throughout their other endeavors to become men and women of great integrity. Amen and amen.

  4. My assessment opinion that possibly ionized laser was used to detonate the rv – video research seems to suggest – since ( Antifa was declared a idea during the presidential election it appears they have those same resources )

  5. ( kuni) any insight on the rnc pipe bombs ?

  6. With respect to the “accused deceased Nashville bomber” do you have evidence he didn’t have any ties with Antifa of any kind ? (Kuni ) I’m more interested in the type of explosives that were used – quite the blast wouldn’t you say ?

  7. How’s that Derp Derp Derp of an initial assessment working out now that the identity of your fellow conspiracy theorist has been revealed.

  8. I’m sure the field office there likely believes the mainstream media’s dogma that it was some guy named Warner who was a “white supremacist” just like they did with blaming Richard Jewell for the Atlanta event because the senior leadership was politicized under Freeh. Instead suit wearing jihadis run the agency now as seen with everyone’s favorite Abbate.

  9. Richard Courtemanche January 1, 2021 at 12:33 pm Reply

    Unless I missed it, was the phone call warning of the impending incident made by the person whose body was found at the scene!

  10. First there was AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula), AQI (al Qaeda Iraq), AQIM (al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) etc.

    Now there is AQW (Anthony Quinn Warner)

  11. The immediate leap and convergence on one official story certainly is dubious. At this point the only thing that investigators ought to be certain of are that the RV was owned by the suspect (VIN number from the axle or engine) and that the suspect’s DNA was recovered at the scene. Remember at first they could not even determine whether the remains were even human. They cannot possibly establish certainty over his time or manner of death, only that his remains were scattered at the crime scene.

  12. As mentioned antifa is similar to the red brigades , bare in mind – I think the gentleman whom they are suspecting owned and did the bombing , was kidnapped and they used his rv – likely killed by the explosion- the issue with the announcement of a bomb going off was to deflect that it was used to kill- and was aimed at business – however, the issue of the data center and dominion having some link to the building adds some need for deeper investigation-

  13. Good GAWD!!! This is CLASSIC FBI False Flag PsyOp!! TEXTBOOK FBI False Flag!!! And (TEXTBOOK), oh, HOW CONVENIENT it is that their PATSY, oh, I mean, ‘suspect’ DIED ‘in the explosion’!! I’d bet $$$ that the CIA and ATF had a hand in this TOO!! FBI fingerprints ALL OVER this one! It’s SO obvious. Sorry!….I do NOT believe the ‘RV in the suspects driveway’ photo EITHER!

  14. Sooo…true!

  15. Your assessment is far more nuanced than the one-dimensional thinkers in the media. The untrustworthy fbi opened and closed the case in 2 days. Move along, everyone. Nothing to see here. It’s disgusting. Our institutions are so infested with cowards and enemies who think we’re stupid. I don’t know the full truth here, and we’ll never get it from our complicit media, but those who we’re supposed to trust abandoned us long ago. Thanks, John. Appreciate your work.

  16. Striking fear into the hearts of the infidels, or as a computer tech he may have known about stolen flash drives, or hard drives that would be a link to voter fraud manipulation maybe someone was getting too close to discovering. It would be interesting to know if he voted during the last election and the location of his vote, that could give clues. Did he know some secrets about storage at this building or communications ? When I heard the recording I could not tell if it was female…as besides clean faces, non- middle eastern looks, woman have roles too….or they did according to Isis. If only instead of listening to the MB/ or Islamic imams outreach of mosques, it is so much clearer and accurate to read information that is related to the doctrine, to understanc their teachings and motivations such as the quran and Quranic Concept of Warfare, because if the they did this problem would have been stopped at the border as a threat to the civlians of the U.S. The facade of a religion, one that can print signs, collude with antifa, and demands no inspection or truth as sharia law forbids, will always be able to spread like a virus that will require truth for a cure, since the entry is a pleasant sound to the one who cannot detect the deception based on required doctrine. A insurgency full blown.

  17. You are correct, “The issue is never the issue”. This was a coordinated effort to get attention off of the massive voter fraud and the Islamic/Communism insurgency ongoing here in the US.

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