Remembering the West’s Victory Over Islam at Tours in 732 AD

October 10, 2019

Remembering the West’s Victory Over Islam at Tours in 732 AD

Written by John D. Guandolo

On this day in 732 AD, Frankish forces near Tours in Gaul (France) under the control of Charles “The Hammer” Martel defeated Islamic armies under the command of Abdul Rahman, who was killed in the battle, thus saving Europe, at least temporarily, from Islam’s barbarism.

While many battles preceded and followed this one in the eighth century, this battle is historically important because it halted Islam’s northward advance deeper into the heart of Europe.

History witnessed the conquest of Spain by Islamic forces by the end of the 8th century. Then, for almost 800 years, muslims controlled Spain. The Islamic stranglehold on Spain broke after the Spaniards came out of the mountains and pushed the jihadis out in 1492 (the Reconquista).

Immediately, Spain’s King and Queen launched Columbus on an expedition to find new trade routes through the Mediterranean and beyond.

Like the Battle of Lepanto, which Understanding the Threat wrote about earlier this week, the Battle of Tours is critical for Americans to know and remember because liberty always hangs on a thread and must be defended, protected, and fought for.

The world is again at war with Islam and again standing on the precipice of an epic battle. Yet this time, most European and North American leaders cower to Islam and surrender their land to these peddlers of savagery, instead of massing their efforts to defeat them.

Sadly, the situation is worse today because today the Armies of Mohammad are buoyed and propelled by Marxists (Communists/socialists) who also seek to destroy liberty, specifically in America.

There is a battle plan and strategy and Understanding the Threat has it.

Let Understanding the Threat empower you and provide you and your community tools to dismantle these jihadi networks in your city and county, while fortifying against future incursions.

We can delay no longer.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. I still support Trump…and appreciate his work, my concern is that the cleverness of presentation, denials of the MB to those less aware of the Quran’s actual doctrine and history of aggressives jihad wars, the endless wars, and the migration go hand in hand using restricted speech and strategic planning. This plan is never in a rush but desires to settle in countries and in time cultivate disruption here in the U.S.. as done in many countries. This looks to be accomplished those who raise money from the settlements and M.E. wealthy Islamic state that have leaders that were supported or groomed, educated to achieve credible appearing status. Still working on plans to convert Americans but hide behind a freindly face while plotting and protraying a tolerant face. And the previous comment was in regards to news of the MB conference, in Florida, selling planes to Saudi Arabia and sending troops to S.A, to the heart Islam, location of the birth of jihad, from whom America experienced terrorism. It may be at this time due to pushback by the left that covered for this migration for similar goals to subvert, he may just be trying to pace the time where he can expose the religious face dilmenma. So my comments were really in line with, ‘Is SA Really an Ally’ or any OIC country looking for our demise.

  2. I totally agree that the Jarred / Ivanka team along with the military generals appear to be all in on clueless liberal diversity and all out of a serious examination of Islam from authentic sources available in english, such as the Quran, Reliance of the Traveler, Haddiths,or Quranic Concepts of War. He views Islam as a religion and is blind to the Islamic state political movement. It was a shocking photo to see the photo of Muslim Brothers/CAIR meeting at the White House, flashback to Obama deception. Now he is sending troops to Saudi Arabia and placing them in grave danger after the warnings of how easy it would be to take out the U.S. military. He is offended by Omar, does he mistake Somalia for Islam?…..she says what she says due to Islam. He is right to defend free speech…it being attacked by the dems and the Muslim brotherhood I fear he been influenced by Sauds money, power and has strayed away from his instincts. He cannot win if he continues this route and may win an election but destroy our military and country with out every examining the enemy doctrine that has in some ways already conquered the United States. The attacks for impeachment are aided by the MBand this is happening at a critical time to catch him off guard and distracted I pray he will awaken however the move to Saudi Arabia is not wise he has been tough in many ways but he is seduced by the Prince who declares he will help us fight terror, the entire Quran is based on this terror for for our submission and he does not know in the eyes of the Prince we are the terrorists killing muslims without right and The Prince will fight with our military only until he fights off other Islamic competitors so Trump is being used and we will become weaker to fend off attacks. In my opinion.

  3. Looks very grim. Very few of our leaders has a clue. Not even Donald understands the enemies of America and the West.

  4. John Guandolo is a true “Patriot”, one who always speaks the truth about Islam, despite death threats by Muslims. I always thought President Trump would save America, was adept in his understanding of Islam and the threat Islam poses in America. However, after viewing John Guandolo’s Israel video, I’ve concluded, President Trump has been duped by the Jarred/Ivanka team and Islam/Muslim Brotherhood. It appears Islamophobia runs rampant in the White House and Congress, political correctness is the rule of the day. I also think key Christian figureheads have misled President Trump into thinking Islam can be compromised. Twitter has removed my ability to tweet to President Trump, I can no longer communicate indirectly. The only thing I can do is make truthful posts to Facebook about Islam and the evil deeds of Muslims worldwide. I commend John Guandolo and look forward to getting his emails and Understanding The Threat. One book I could recommend is “A Handbook for the Anti-Islamic Resistance” by George R. Walters, Michael Jurgens, and R. Roy Blake. It’s a short read at 200 pigs.


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