Voter Fraud is One More Battle in the War for Liberty

November 10, 2020

Voter Fraud is One More Battle in the War for Liberty

by John D. Guandolo

Rationally thinking people who are still capable of processing information and discerning truth from fiction realize that significant fraud has been perpetrated on the U.S. Presidential Election by democrats.

This is just one more battle in the war for liberty.

These same people committed treason, sedition, and violated other federal statutes when they participated in an ongoing coup against the duly-elected President by criminally spying on him on members of his administration while lying to the FISA Court. When that did not work, democrats impeached President Trump with no evidence of criminal violations. When that failed, the greatest economy in world history was shut down by policies implemented after the outbreak of COVID-19 from communist China.

When this failed to attain democrats’ objective of shutting down and removing the President from office, a coordinated national riot began which killed people, destroyed thousands of businesses, and threatened to go after – and did go after – the President’s supporters.

Now, with clear evidence of hundreds of thousands of votes counted in the election in violation of state and federal law – Pennsylvania for instance – Joe Biden has claimed victory.

With the full support of traditional media pouring their propaganda out at a rapid rate, the deception is overt and overwhelming.

This morning CNN reported President Trump is “refusing to accept the reality” that Joe Biden won the election, and they go on to say “there is no evidence of election fraud” despite the facts there are dozens of witness statements, tens of thousands of ballots counted that were “cast” by dead people, and other instances of fraud.

Media outlets do not “declare” the winner of a Presidential Election.

Remember, enemies of liberty use propaganda because it works. Do not fall for it. Do not surrender one inch.

The enemies of liberty cannot be allowed to win this battle because if we allow them to, the Republic will be unrecoverable.

To see my recent video “UTT Election Assessment I” click HERE.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. […] The enemies of liberty cannot be allowed to win this battle because if we allow them to, the Republic will be unrecoverable. Voter Fraud is One More Battle in the War for Liberty November 10, 2020,John D. Guandolo […]

  2. With respect to our President with the onset of
    The secret service and the virus – I worry for the safety of the commander chief – the agonist are every where and – I want to help in protection of the constitution- Mr.President if you need loyalists look me up – expel the communists-

  3. Remember I said that likely if true the machines were plugged ( internet ) not ( internet) witnesses now reporting such – also WiFi was used he said . Don’t worry it’s all embedded-


    CORRECTION: With regard to paragraph-2, line-4 of my foregoing blog of 11.11.20 @1641hrs, delete the comma following the word “right” and insert the words: “does not succeed” followed by a comma.

  5. For any entity to ask citizens to abnegate any of their rights under the constitution- in of itself represents a degree of treason. The degree to which it occurs determines legal remedies. Make no mistake of rights have been denied of anyone it’s a serious serious issue .

  6. Opinion :
    I want to trust our fbi and leaders of that organization- I do at this point – if any bad stuff took place with electronic software and or other with respect to the voting on a wide scale – that would in my view treasonous – I will stand with our constitution- this great document was created and if followed is only thing we can lay our hat on at this point .

  7. FYI there seems to be internet outages worldwide – coming to a USA near you

  8. In interest today I received a call from dod capture person with the last name hammer – the phone call was interesting a hang up then I called back until I spoke with this person – whom seems to work with the last mile provider I mentioned – thereby yes all traffic is
    Coded and recorded and can not be erased – its embedded in the communication hardware that create the data and voice networks – only real bad people could ever try to erase the embedded information – but that would cause outages and long outages – so for now it’s safe – also not all engineers know where it’s embedded – so if there was bad acting were safe if we we at the truth and a correct election –




    Furthermore, assuming that the Supreme Court has been made aware by now that the content of Hunter Biden’s infamous sloughed-off computer implicates Joseph (aka “Joe”) Robinette Biden, head of a RICO-like crime family which not only markets in U.S. political influence abroad, including national defense technological advances, i.e., information which consequent of FBI nonfeasance has been sequestered for months under the control of deep-state “Skull & Bones” operative Christopher Wray of the Department of one-sided Justice. And if indeed Chief Justice John Roberts nonetheless agrees to administer a presidential oath of office to said yet unindicted fraud, he will be knowingly abetting treason essentially on behalf of the Chinese communist party, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and Islam.

    Too, as the Director obviously knows, had he detailed duos of special agents to the country’s long familiar voting fraud sites garbed in their familiar big lettered “FBI” jackets, with instructions to simply be seen roaming about in the areas where fraudulent counting tactics were suspected; as the whole country knows, President Trump would have been re-elected by means of a blow-out. And if his attempt to have said unfolding criminal travesty made right, the United States will have suffered a national tragedy like never before at the hands of anarchic scum.


  10. Love the remarks.
    Evil is evil. To stop this one way,is prosecute heavy fine and jail time. It won’t stop every one,but but heavy in the pocket book. No one is above the law. Bidens, Clinton’s, Pelosi,and many others. Let the voters see justice,they would do it to us.

  11. The coded modulation as it relates to packets in the suspected areas will also be – a footprint- for in and out activity – if the hammer software did happen – this is a treasonous act and means we have a big big problem in America – what would have to happen then is purge of certain communications posts – if they used that software here in America they risked a tunnel into our nation from others very very risky and serious –

  12. Start a nationwide bombardment of pamphlets pointing out the propagandist ( media fakes ) ignoring the facts exposing their lies – where they live shop cover the grounds and cars with the lies non stop – every privately owned media get it out there – give them a good dose back – count the real votes ! Legal votes ! No software glitches – also the machines that had votes flipped – the hammer score card software doesn’t hide the systems linked to outside networks it leaves a signature – that is forensic evidence – also the major network providers that give internet access to the states footprint it – there is one central office in Washington DC that records all activity and I mean all even classified – I hope we have that one central office secured – what I mean by central office communications central office – so they can’t hide the infiltration – the investigation has to begin with basics like actual connections – ( Likely wireless and privately provided by the people behind this treasonous act ) however it all gets traced back – so forensic record exists even if they try to hide it – packets of information will show if any connection in or out existed – even if they think that the spy software they used try’s to hide it . By the way that spy software hammer and score card – is elementary my dear Watson – their boldness also shows how ignorant they are thinking that that poorly written spy program is invincible- so America knows there are checkpoints with respect to this even the most secure intel communities don’t know about – that’s so they can’t ever do what has happened – all of this cyber information has and is being recorded – the nsa doesn’t even know – so they will be outed –

  13. Appreciate you as a fellow warrior in this battle. Miss Phil greatly. Can you add a share option to Parler?

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