Why Can’t Republican Leaders See Terrorists Like Ilhan Omar Standing in Front of Them?

January 31, 2023

Why Can’t Republican Leaders See Terrorists Like Ilhan Omar Standing in Front of Them?

by John D. Guandolo

The simplest and most basic assessment of Ilhan Omar reveals she is a jihadi, working with terrorist groups and other adversaries of the United States against her oath and America’s national security.

Let us put aside for a moment there is significant evidence Ilhan Omar committed immigration fraud after marrying her brother to enter the United States, and the fact her father was a Colonel in the army of the murderous Somali regime who directed hostile intelligence operations – although maybe those things should not be overlooked.

The fact Ilhan Omar ever received any level of clearance is evidence of America’s complete inability to discern friend from foe.

Ilhan Omar, a Member of the U.S. Congress representing the Minneapolis area of Minnesota, took over her seat previously filled by another jihadi, Keith Ellison, who became the Attorney General of Minnesota.

Keith Ellison works with and raises money for the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization Hamas doing business as CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), yet no federal investigation nor Congressional inquiry in ongoing.

Minnesota Attorney General and JIHADI Keith Ellison Promotes Communist Violence/Antifa
Jihadis: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar & Former Congressman Now MN Attorney General Keith Ellison
U.S. Hamas Leader Nihad Awad works closely with MN Attorney General Keith Ellison (center). On right is Khizr Khan, a Gold Star Father who openly supports jihad and the implementation of sharia.

See CAIR is HAMAS here for evidence of their direct ties to that terrorist organization.

Ilhan Omar, like Keith Ellison and many others in positions of authority, work with Nihad Awad, the leader of U.S. Hamas and the former leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood before that authority was passed to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey, in 2017.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and U.S. Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Leader Nihad Awad
U.S. Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Leader Nihad Awad (L) with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (middle) Promoting Muslim Brotherhood candidate Abrar Omeish
Ilhan Omar, when she was a state legislator, met with Turkey’s President Erdogan who is the current leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and the likely next Caliph of the Global Islamic State or “Caliphate”

In conclusion, Ilhan Omar supports and advocates for the imposition of Islamic sharia on all humans on earth, works with one of the key leaders of the Global Jihadi Movement – Erdogan, works with Hamas terrorist leaders, and republicans are hesitant to call her out.

UTT encourages readers to forward this article, which can be found online HERE, to republican Members of the House of Representatives like Matt Gaetz, Nancy Mace, your own representative and others, as well as the 2 Senators from your state and anyone else you believe is willing to make your voice heard!

We also encourage you to ensure you work to deny the jihadi organizations listed above and those listed in greater measure HERE from operating in your local community.

About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Jon Guandolo, your candor is refreshing and to the point. I listen to you on Wendy Bell Radio. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
    My best friend from childhood told me she was a nanny for Nihad Awad. My friend converted from christianity to islam during her marriage to Salem who grew up in Yemen and then his family moved to Saudi. My friend will not hear me when I speak about hamas, muslim brotherhood and Cair all being terrorist organizations. She is a classic college educated leftist believing all the lies and manipulation. I love her so much and I pray she has an encounter with Jesus again. I have done so much research on Islam over the years because of her. I’ve read Nabeel Qureshi’s books which gave me hope. She is all about white privilege and reparations, supporting BLM, supporting all the things that are antithetical to God. She tries to tell me we worship the same God and has strange bible stories she reads in her qoran. I know that mohammed took many different scriptures from the old and new testament and mishmashed it with pagan practices and other god worship. Minnesota is so messed up. Now our governor is hell bent on killing babies any way possible. That’s the most important thing here. We have a 17 billion dollar surplus and they’re not giving it back. I am conviced that MN is mostly red with the exceptions of the crowded cities which are being inundated with illegals and refugees who know nothing about legal elections and would just as soon sell their ballot to the highest bidder. The MN GOP as well as the US GOP do not represent conservatives anymore. the party’s are dead and pretend to be different from one another with people actually believing it. If the GOP are the “good guys” why is America where it’s at today. My friend looks down on people who live in the country because she believes they’re ignorant and racist and not diverse enough. But, her faith requires her to, hopefully, do enough good deeds to maybe make it into “heaven” (the muslim false god gets you to hell for sure). Our lovely AG Keith Ellison working hand in hand with Tim Walz administration goes after grandmother for serving coffee during the covid lockdowns and she had to spend 90 days in jail for it while people burning the city down walked free. Another woman who owned a coffee shop north of me was literally put out of business for serving coffee out of her establishment. She also had patriot meetings at her coffee shop as well that the sheriff visited on numerous occasions to warn her about having gatherings during covid b.s. She tried really hard to fight the state on their lawsuit and ended up having the sell her establishment because she couldn’t afford to keep fighting. The woman who bought it was told that if she consulted with the previous business owner or brought her in to help in any capacity, she would have her state business license revoked. This evil in MN is destroying so many lives. And I still have family that vote democrat and they don’t even understand that things are the way they are because they voted for these anti-american, anti God thieves. It’s all evil and it’s a trainwreck on a global level. Just me over here in chinasota waiting for the rapture! God bless you!

  2. John, keep up the great work. As always we @Amerislamunderway support your work financially and on the website. God Bless

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