August 7, 2013

American-Born Jihadi Kills/Dies in Louisiana and Not a Peep from the Press

Did you hear about the hostage crisis in St. Joseph, Louisiana this summer?  probably not.

Perhaps you heard that a gunman took hostages at a bank in Smalltown, USA, but it is unlikely that a typical  consumer of mainstream media news would know who the assailant was, where he was from, or what his motives were. The average American would only know that a deranged gunman took hostages at a bank in St. Joseph leading police to storm the bank, prompting the gunman to shoot and kill two hostages, prompting police to shoot and kill the assailant. End of story?

But that’s not all!

How derelict is the national media when yet another act of jihad is misreported as a random hostage crisis? Most stories about the incident don’t even bother to identify the hostage-taker’s name!

Perhaps the gunman’s name is a clue to his motive? Fuaed Abdo Ahmed was a twenty-year old male of Yemeni descent. He traveled to Yemen this summer for reasons yet unknown to the FBI, and was detained at a US airport upon his return to the States.

Ahmed’s photograph is also an “investigative clue.”


It seems young Ahmed is sporting an AK-47 in this photograph.

As I wrote in my previous blog post, the federal government’s total inability to identify the Global Islamic Movement as a threat to this country is costing American lives.

When Muslim males in America commit “vehicular jihad” by driving their cars into crowds, they are reported as “crazy.” When Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad shot and killed Army Private Andy Long in Little Rock, the Department of Justice insisted on prosecuting long’s untimely demise, not as an act of terror, but as a murder, even though the perpetrator called it “jihad.”  Here’s another “investigative clue: “Mujahid” is Arabic for “holy warrior.” When U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan murdered more than one-dozen people at Fort Hood, our government called the bloody massacre “workplace violence.”

I believe we now have a legitimate basis for declaring our national leaders “incompetent to defend us” in any way whatsoever!

It is time for local and state leaders to take back their own streets, one town, one county, and one state at a time.

Note: Hat tip to for publishing the ground truth on this story.  It is good to know that investigative journalism is not completely dead in America.

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